Find out everything you need to know about BBC's new show MotherFatherSon

We can't wait to see this one!

Emmy Griffiths

BBC Two's brand new show MotherFatherSon premieres on Tuesday night, and stars Richard Gere in one of his first television roles in years, along with Peaky Blinder's very own Helen McCrory. Find out everything you need to know about the intense new drama, including what time it is on, who else is in the cast, and what it is about…

What is the plot of MotherFatherSon?

Richard Gere plays Max, a ruthless businessman who owns a huge media empire which comes into threat when his son Caden, who is an editor of one of Max's newspaper, begins to use drugs. After tragedy strikes, the fate of the company is thrown into risk. Meanwhile, Max's estranged wife Kathryn decides to use the opportunity to reconnect with her son – beginning a family feud with her husband.


Who is in the cast of MotherFatherSon?

Richard opened up about playing Max, telling the BBC: "When you look at what Max has done with his life, he's kind of a Citizen Kane type character… Like all of us, he is a mix [of good and bad]. I was still trying to figure out as I was playing him just how dark he could go. Certainly Max does questionable things - mischievous things - but I certainly don't see him as an evil villain character. I think his behaviour and actions are understandable, and that's my job - to make him understandable from a human point of view. He is one of us, albeit he has more power and money, and he probably has more problems than most of us."


Helen plays Kathryn Villiers and Glue actor Billy Howle plays their son, Caden. The cast also features a host of recognisable faces from British TV, with Happy Valley star Sarah Lancashire most notably played Angela Howard.


When is MotherFatherSon on television?

The eight-part drama series will premiere on BBC Two at 9pm on Wednesday 6 March, and will be on BBC iPlayer for fans to catch up shortly after. The series was written by Tom Rob Smith, whose work includes London Spy and The Assassination of Gianni Versace: American Crime Story.