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Baptiste fans blown away by shock twist in episode three

Were you surprised by the Baptiste plot twist?

Baptiste fans blown away by shock twist in episode three

Baptiste fans took to Twitter to express their surprise following Sunday night's episode when it was revealed that a police officer with questionable morals, Niels Horchner, was actually Julien Baptiste's son. The revelation came about after Niels told Julien that he had also suffered a brain tumour, and had AB negative blood, just like Julien. In the show, he said: "I had this total faith that science, doctors, it will fix me. But then during my surgery there was a mistake and I started to bleed and they had to transfuse me but they didn't have any AB negative, so I haemorrhaged for half an hour while they helicoptered over some blood that would work."

baptiste son© Photo: BBC

Niels opened up about his brain tumour

After running a DNA test and discovering the truth, he then confronted his ex-girlfriend Martha, asking her: "All this time and you lied to me. Why didn't you tell me that Niels is my son?" Fans were shocked by the reveal in episode three, with one person writing: "#Baptiste going to be complicated for Julien to protect ALL his own family when dodgy police officer Niels is actually his son." Another person added: "So well written. Good plot twist at the end tonight re Baptiste's son. Tip of the day - don't leave a million euros in the boot of the car." A third person joked: "Me heading to the office tomorrow smug in the knowledge that I was right about Baptiste's son & prepared to tell my colleagues so after saying he was his son last week."

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Speaking about the twist, the show's co-creator Harry Williams told Digital Spy: "We wanted this year to get more personal for Julien. His family are in trouble. He's got a son he never knew he had. We just wanted to tighten the screws around our lead character, and this felt like another interesting way to do it – to give him something profoundly challenging in his personal life as well."

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