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The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina Part II: find out when it is out and watch the first trailer HERE

Greendale looks as creepy as ever!

sabrina chilling

The first series of The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina saw the story take a huge departure from the original 90s teen comedy, and take a much darker approach towards the teenage witch. Now, the trailer for the second season of the hit show has finally been released, and sees Sabrina embrace all of her dark gifts. The trailer begins with the new, witchy version of Sabrina (who looks the same but with peroxide blonde hair) as she enters her high school, pours petrol on the floor and sets it alight. The show seems to hint that the main character is walking down a "darker path" after having a 'dark baptism' in season one.

sabrina harvey© Photo: Netflix

The season also teases a love triangle between Sabrina's first love, Harvey and warlock Nicholas Scratch. Fans were delighted with the new trailer, with one writing: "I want April 5 so badly," while another added: "The main thing I took from this trailer - spending time with Nick brings out the darkness in Sabrina and spending time with Harvey brings out the light. The healthiest option for her is obviously Harvey. He adores her and that doesn't make him more boring than a dangerous warlock."

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The official synopsis for the Netflix show reads: "Part two finds Sabrina exploring her darker side, curious to learn more about her heritage, while struggling to maintain her friendships in the mortal world. Romantically, Sabrina is caught in an unholy love triangle with between sexy warlock Nicholas Scratch and salt-of-the-Earth mortal Harvey Kinkle. Meanwhile, the Dark Lord, Madame Satan, and Father Blackwood continue to conjure chaos in the Spellman household and the town of Greendale. And they aren't the only ones trying to raise hell. Everything is in question… relationships, identity, true intentions… when the devil's work is at hand." So when will the new series be released? Luckily fans won't have to wait long! Part II of the hit show will launch everywhere on Netflix from 5 April.

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