Emmerdale spoilers: Jacob ends relationship with Maya

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Hanna Fillingham

Emmerdale viewers have been hoping for an end in sight for Jacob and Maya's uneasy grooming storyline, and hope might well be on the horizon when Jacob makes a bold move and ends their relationship next week. But Maya isn’t giving up without a fight, and just what lengths will she go to in order to win him back? Elsewhere, Rhona is in danger after a shock health scare results in her collapsing, while Harriet continues to feel scared by her stalker. Dawn, meanwhile, realises that PC Swirling has started to question her – and that she's under suspicion. Paddy tries to speak to Bear Wold before he leaves for Norther Ireland, while Aaron's delighted when Robert suggests they go to a surrogacy meeting.


Jacob ends his relationship with Maya

Maya and Jacob break up

Maya is questioned about her teaching performance by Jessie, but is relieved after managing to convince her boss that she is suffering from low-self esteem following her divorce. However, Maya's day doesn't end well when Jacob tells her that he can't carry on lying to Liv and his dad. While she does her best to convince him from keeping quiet, Maya is shocked when Jacob ends their relationship. Meanwhile, Liv tells Gabby that she's decided that she will sleep with Jacob after fearing that he is losing interest in her, while Jacob is overjoyed when Maya tries to win him back.

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Rhona collapses

Rhona suffers shock health scare

Pete is left feeling hurt after Rhona takes his birthday presents the wrong way, which leads to him telling her some home truths – making her feel bad. Later, Kim arrives at the vets and begs Rhona for help with her ill horse. At the stables with Kim, Rhona starts to feel ill but ignores the pain and carries on tending to the horse. Pete, meanwhile, has set up a romantic dinner for Rhona to help ensure that her birthday ends on a high. But Pete is left at the table alone as Rhona fails to show up – having collapsed with sudden abdominal pain.

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Harriet's hell continues

Harriet's stalker continues to cause havoc

Harriet's stalker hell continues as PC Swirling starts to try and work out who was responsible for her attack. However, Harriet soon becomes fed up when some of the villagers suspect that it was Dawn who was involved – and soon Dawn realises that even PC Swirling has her under suspicion. Later, Harriet fears that someone is in her house when she comes downstairs to find the back door open and a photo smashed. The next day, things get even worse when she realises that somebody has thrown red paint all over the pulpit. Just who is responsible?

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