Emmerdale spoilers: Tracy Metcalfe gets arrested while looking after April

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Hanna Fillingham

Emmerdale's Tracy Metcalfe has a troublesome time ahead in next week's episodes as she finds herself getting on the wrong side of the law. Tracy and Billy had taken April out to the park, but after a series of unfortunate events, the police are called and Tracy gets arrested. Elsewhere, Moira Dingle is left worried about Cain as he starts to plan for the worst case scenario now that the police are involved – still believing that he was responsible for killing Joe Tate. But will Cain be told the truth by Graham and Kim in the end? Or does he have everything to lose? Next week will also see Laurel panic after getting a last-minute booking in the Pirate Ship, but Arthur is not at all impressed with the idea. David plans to leave the village too – unaware that Maya and Jacob will be more than happy spending time alone together without him.


Tracy gets arrested at the park

Tracy gets arrested

Billy and Tracy agree to pick April up and wait for her in the park. While Tracy goes to buy coffees, Billy can't stop thinking about his upcoming interview and is a bag of nerves. However, when Billy tries to get April's attention, the police come over and inform him that they've had a call from a parent who thinks he's acting suspiciously. While Billy tries to keep calm, Tracy is furious and is convinced that racism is the reason behind their concerns. Tracy then goes to confront the parents in a furious rage, resulting in the police arresting her, while Billy is frustrated – wanting to keep the situation under wraps. When the news spreads, Jessie opens up to Marlon about the prejudices she and her sons have faced. Later in his anger, Billy pushes Ellis up against the wall, unaware that Tracy has seen everything.


Charity plays with fire

Vanessa is unimpressed with Charity

Charity realises that Robert's new client Mike is bad news and she warns Aaron about him. However, spotting a money-making opportunity, Charity agrees to help Robert win over the client's contract. Reassuring Vanessa that it is strictly professional, Charity later accompanies Mike to an awards ceremony as his date – leaving Vanessa feeling humiliated. Later, Vanessa overhears Mike planning to double cross Charity – will she be able to stop him?


Cain and Moira are worried 

Cain and Moira fear for their future

Cain is worried now that the police are involved in Joe Tate's murder investigation, while Noah's frightened after overhearing a conversation between Kim and Graham. Kim is also set on buying the Barton's farm from under them, and unsettles Cain and Moira by turning up in their kitchen. Noah later tells Moira and Cain what he heard – causing an angry Cain to confront Kim.

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