Emmerdale spoilers: Harriet Finch's stalker goes to new levels to frighten her

Your weekly spoilers for Monday 15 April to Friday 19 April

Hanna Fillingham

Emmerdale fans have been wracking their brains trying to guess who is stalking Harriet Finch, and next week the vicar will face more danger as she becomes victim to more abuse. Having been attacked just days before, Harriet tries to put on a brave face, but is alarmed when she receives a new threatening text message from an unknown number. The message is just the start of more bad things to come, and by the end of the week she finds herself in even more danger. Elsewhere, Matty Barton goes in for his surgery but Moira worries for her son as she waits for him in hospital, remembering the tragic death of daughter Holly – which causes her to lash out.


Emmerdale's Harriet faces more trauma

Who is stalking Harriet?

Harriet continues to receive sinister prank calls following her shock attack, and after Bob hears Dawn on the phone in the Woolpack corridor, he puts two and two together and suspects that she is behind it all. After telling Harriet and Dawn his theory, a furious Dawn moves out of the house. The next day, Harriet and Dawn make up, but Harriet becomes alarmed when she received another threatening text message. Later in the day, the vicar heads out and steps inside the church after hearing the bells ringing, but as she does so the doors slam behind her and she realises that she is locked in. Just who is after Harriet, and what are they going to do next?

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Will Matty's surgery go okay?

Matty goes for surgery

Matty is worried ahead of his surgery, and isn't happy when Moira does most of the talking for him at the hospital during his consultant appointment. He tells his mum he doesn't want her to speak for him or attend the operation with him, leaving her upset. Matty tries to put on a brave face on the day of his operation, but struggles to hide his nerves. Moira, meanwhile, lashes out at Victoria, but explains that she is distressed and that it all stems from Holly's death. Victoria comforts her as they wait for Matty to come around, but Moira later fears the worst when she sees a nurse running towards his operating theatre. Will he be okay?

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Will Faith land Aaron and Robert in it?

Faith tries to help Aaron and Robert with their surrogacy

Aaron is getting anxious ahead of his and Robert's meeting with potential surrogate Natalie, and it doesn't help that Robert is stuck in traffic. Faith tries to help by keeping Natalie entertained in the pub to delay her from coming over to Robert and Aaron's house, but she soon gets carried away with Bear as they spin lies to make the boys seem an attractive proposition to Natalie. But how far will they go, and will it backfire?

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