Emmerdale spoilers: Tracy and David Metcalfe caught kissing by Maya in shock twist

Your weekly spoilers for Monday 20 April to Friday 26 April

Hanna Fillingham

Emmerdale's much-anticipated big night out episodes kick off on Monday 20 April, and judging from the trailer on ITV, it's not something we want to be missing. It has been revealed that Maya and Jacob will be exposed by someone else during that week, while David – who is turned down after proposing to Maya with Val's ring – seeks solace in ex-wife Tracy. However, Maya catches them kissing and isn't happy. For the week, Emmerdale will be breaking tradition by telling a story in two parts, two weeks apart. The first week will focus on the actual night out but with no clear guidance as to exactly what has happened, while the second will air a collection of flashback episodes which will take the audience back to the night to finally reveal what really went on. The night involves many of the show's characters, with Leyla, Priya, David, Tracy, Maya, Rhona, Victoria, Ellis, Aaron, Robert and Bernice all heading off to a nightclub to let their hair down. But it's an evening out they will all wish never happened.


Emmerdale's new big night out episodes are not to be missed 

Tracy and David are caught kissing

David is suspicious as to why Maya is selling her car, and she lies to him that she is doing so to pay for her divorce. David feels guilty, and reveals to Jacob that he is planning to propose to Maya with Val's ring. Jacob is frantic as he's stolen it in order to pay off Liv. Later, Maya is reluctantly persuaded to go on a night out clubbing with David, Tracy, Leyla and Priya, but tells David that she knows his proposal plans, and that she doesn't want to marry him. David is left heartbroken and it isn't long before he finds comfort in Tracy. They kiss, unaware that Maya is watching. Furious, Maya storms out of the club and finds Jacob. However, Maya and Jacob are caught kissing by one of the girls – but just how will they react? And what happens next?

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David and Tracy are caught by Maya

Ellis finds himself in danger

Billy heads out in secret to meet gangster Max, but it's obvious to Max that Billy is having second thoughts about using his work van for the robbery. Max then threatens Billy, but matters only become worse when Ellis discovers their plan and threatens to sabotage it. Max then turns up at Tall Trees and threatens the entire family, and soon a fight breaks out between him and Billy. The next night, Max follows Ellis who is out with the villagers during their big night out, and Billy worries for his brother's safety after Max sends a sinister photo of him at the club. Billy heads out to try and protect his brother, but will he just make matters worse?


Will Ellis be okay?

Rhona has one too many drinks

Rhona feels jealous when she spots Pete enjoying the company of his ex Debbie and her children Sarah and Jack. She is then furious when she finds out that he told Debbie that she is going through the menopause, and feels humiliated. Determined to show that she is still young at heart, Rhona heads out with the rest of the villagers on their big night out, but she has one too many drinks.


Rhona lets her hair down - but will she regret it?

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