Emmerdale's Maya Stepney to be murdered in shock twist?

Just what price will Maya pay for her actions?

Hanna Fillingham

In Emmerdale, Maya Stepney has finally been caught out after grooming schoolboy Jacob Gallagher for months, and is currently being blackmailed by Liv Flaherty for money. And as we all know, in the land of soap everything comes out in the wash eventually, so it's only a matter of time before Maya pays a price. But in light of the sinister new Emmerdale trailer, Maya is seen covered in blood, and fans have since been speculating that she will be killed rather than arrested for the crime. And if the trailer is anything to go by, it could be Jacob's own mum, Leyla Hardling, who does the deed. The actress is seen in front of the mirror exploding with rage and smashing it up – just what has she done?


Emmerdale fans think Maya Stepney will be killed

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On Twitter, fans have been talking about the possible outcome of the storyline, with one writing: "I hope they're setting up a 'Who killed Maya' story," while another said: "I hope Maya dies a grissly death and soon!" A third added back in February: "It will all come out and Maya will be murdered and then there will be a who dunnit? David, Liv, Layla etc." However, another viewer thinks that Maya has more tricks up her sleeves yet, predicting that she will actually hurt herself and blame it on Jacob or Liv.


Louisa Klein recently spoke about the challenges playing her character

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Actress Louisa Klein, who plays Maya in the ITV soap, has previously spoken out about the challenges portraying the troubled character. "It has been tough, it's been a real challenge," she told Lorraine in March. "But it's exciting for me to play, even though I'm playing the baddie in this story I'm here to tell the story I'm here to get that word out there." Louisa also revealed that the story will soon reach an end - but there's still a lot more of the story to tell before that happens. She added: "I think it's really important as an actor to try and look at why she's doing this, you can judge very quickly and say it's a terrible thing, but I've tried to get some sense of understanding of why she's behaved the way she has and what's going on with her."

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