This theory about who is the Jane the Virgin narrator will blow your mind!

Warning, potential spoilers ahead!

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Fans of Jane the Virgin are currently enjoying the fifth and final season on Netflix, which sees Jane once again torn between the father of her child, Rafael, and her back-from-the-dead-amnesiac husband, Michael. Since the fifth season will be the show's last, the executive producer Jennie Urman has confirmed that viewers will finally find out the identity of the narrator, who cheekily comments on the events surrounding the characters in every episode. She added that there have been "hints throughout" regarding his true identity. As such, one popular theory is that the narrator is actually Jane and Rafael's son Mateo, but all grown up, and all of the signs seem to fit perfectly!


Is little Mateo the real narrator?

Firstly, the narrator has previously hinted that he knows the Villanueva family very well when Xiomara married Rogelio, saying: "And Xiomara? Well, she looked perfect. At least to the people who loved her most — which includes me." In another scene, Jane is preparing to welcome her baby and unpacks a blankets covered in ducks, prompting the narrator to say: "I do love ducks!" It has been suggested that an adult Mateo could be retelling the story by reading his mother's planned book about the family. Another theory is that the narrator could be Alba's late husband, also named Mateo.

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However, the voiceover artist of the narrator, Anthony Mendez, has previously cast doubt on the popular theory, telling TVGuide.com: "Here's my thing about that theory: As generations of Latinos in [America] go on, they lose the accent. So unless he was abroad for a while, that's going to be interesting. But it could happen. Either it's going to be one of two extremes: Either he's so tied into this that people will be like, 'Oh, my God!' or he's just the guy who hands out the parking valet tickets at the hotel."

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