EastEnders spoilers: Louise Mitchell makes shock discovery following kidnap ordeal

Your weekly spoilers for Monday 6 May to Friday 10 May

Hanna Fillingham

Monday 6 May – Ben faces the consequences of his actions

Ben faces the consequences of everything that has happened in the past week and tries to make things up to Phil and Lola. He then has an idea to purposefully sabotage a sale at the car lot before offering Rainie his services to fix her broken car. Ben is then distracted when he spots Stuart and Bex together, not knowing that they have returned from an NA meeting. When they hug, Ben puts two and two together and takes a photo of them. Elsewhere, the Atkins family move into number 1 and Karen soon meddles and tries to sell some of Kim's old belongings. Kim is hurt and starts to argue with Karen just as Gray and the children return, something which embarrasses Chantelle. Fed up, she confronts Karen with some unkind words. Meanwhile at The Vic, Tina is celebrating her birthday but Shirley refuses to reveal her present. Later one, Tina and Linda are delighted when Shirley leads them to Mick – who has been hiding in the barrel store.


Ben conjures up a new plan

Tuesday 7 May – Bailey struggles with Dinah's situation

Bailey finds it difficult as Dinah moves into a care home, and Ted tries to help by offering his flat to Mitch, Dinah and Bailey, and he's move in with Patrick. As the Taylors help with the move, Chantelle attempts to make up with Karen, but she isn't coming around easily. Rainie causes trouble after telling Sonia that she saw Stuart with a schoolgirl, but is soon distracted herself when she notices that all the cars have been stolen from the car lot. Ben is happy with his plan of action and instructs Lola to be his alibi for last night, but is taken aback when Rainie questions him in the café. Rainie later gets a surprise when Max arrives back home and drops a huge bombshell – he wants to move their relationship forward. Later, Stuart feels trapped when Sonia questions him about Rainie's accusations, but insists that he is a changed man.


Bailey and Dinah struggle

Thursday 9 May – Sonia questions Bex about her friendship with Stuart

Stuart is horrified with Rainie for stirring things, and Sonia is quick to question Bex about her friendship with Stuart. Elsewhere, Bailey misses looking after Dinah by herself and Dinah worries for her daughter – deciding to call Karen for support. Later, Karen gets a worrying call from her. Meanwhile, Phil instructs Keanu to do another driving job, and Bex is shocked to discover that Louise is pregnant. After some encouragement from Bex, Louise breaks the news to Keanu – who confides in Karen about what to do.


Louise has a tough decision

Friday 10 May – Louise is in need of support

Louise turns to Bex for support, while Karen does her best to support Dinah and Bailey but Dinah struggles with the situation and how it is impacting her daughter. Elsewhere, Max tries to make amends with Rainie and Ben uses Lexi as a ploy to get to Jay.

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