Line of Duty: Top 5 theories for the finale

Is Ted innocence? Is Gill 'H'? Is Kate trustworthy?

Emmy Griffiths,

Line of Duty wraps up on Sunday night, and sees Superintendent Ted Hastings in some serious bother after being arrested for conspiracy to murder in the penultimate episode. While the whole series has been building up to Ted looking like a corrupt officer, is this really the case? We're taking a look at the top five most popular theories for the season five finale… Ted Hastings is an innocent man!

The main one, and admittedly the one that most of the country thinks too, is that poor old Ted Hastings is an innocent man! He follows the letter of the law and is being framed! Sure he's done some dodgy things this series, like accept £50k in cash and ominously take his computer to have its hard drive destroyed, but there could be a good explanation behind all of that, right? RIGHT? If not, we're all going to feel pretty silly for getting 'FreeTed' trending on Twitter.

Gill Biggeloe is actually 'H'

Some fans are determined that it is actually Ted's on and off lover and police lawyer Gill who is the real 'H'. Taking to Twitter, one fan wrote: "She is H and is 100% framing Hastings." Another person joked: "Can't wait for the moment in episode 6. #LineofDuty Arnott: Hey Gill we're just talking about middle names. Biggeloe: Oh really Arnott: What's yours? Biggeloe: I'd rather not say Arnott: Go on Biggeloe: Okay, it's Harriet *Arnott and Fleming stare at each other for rest of episode*." Do you think she's likely to be the culprit?


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Ryan is joining the police form

The criminal organisation very briefly mention that Ryan is taken some nondescript exams after they have cheerfully murdered (spoiler), and Ryan says he'll miss doing their line of work after he undertakes them. As such, people have suggested that Ryan could well be doing his first to become a police officer. Be afraid, be very afraid! 'H' isn't actually even a person

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Yep, people are going as far as to suggest that 'H' isn't even a person at all, but a building! Channel 4's Hunted boss Peter Bleksley, who is a former undercover officer, told Good Morning Britain that he noticed a building in the show in the shape of two H letters. He explained: "I'm just putting it out there that H is not a person, but it may be a place. If you recall when that unfortunate woman was being trafficked and was rescued from the flats, there were some aerial shots and you briefly got a glimpse, and I'm pretty convinced I saw two H shapes." Huh.

H is actually DI Kate Fleming

Fans have gone as far as to accuse DI Kate Fleming, who we have seen uncover corruption time and time again. However, Vicky Fleming herself once joked that her character's middle name was 'Helen,' explaining: "I remember someone saying Kate 'Helen' Fleming. Just throwing in a middle name I didn't even know exists."


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Ted and Lisa are working together

Perhaps Ted really has been shifty all season – but for good reason, and that reason being that he has actually been working with the criminal organisation's Lisa to get to the root of the corruption from the inside. That would explain why Hastings spelled "definitely" in the same misspelled way as the corrupt officer – and it really has been him conferring with Lisa, but on the side of the law.