Line of Duty star reveals regret at season five - find out why 

We'd be annoyed too! (Warning, spoilers for season five ahead!)

Line of Duty's antihero of season five was John Corbett, an undercover officer who had gone rogue while trying to bring down a corrupt senior police officer. Speaking about his role in the new series, actor Stephen Graham admitted that he had one regret - that his character didn't have one of the iconic AC-12 interrogation scenes.

Stephen played John Corbett in Line of Duty

Chatting to Esquire, he said: "Of course everyone wants one of those scenes. I think they're brilliant especially with someone like Anna Maxwell Martin – she's unbelievable. But unfortunately it didn't happen. I had my choice, did I want one of them, or do I want a good slice of the throat! I think I kind of had one of those scenes with my first big bit in the car with Martin [Compston] – that was my AC-12 moment, that was a long scene, because it's all in the car."

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He added: "But I would have loved to have one of those AC-12 scenes but it was... again, it's kind of difficult to step on to an established piece like that." Instead, the season five finale was largely an interrogation scene between Detective Chief Superintendent Patricia Carmichael and Superintendent Ted Hastings, who was accused of conspiracy to commit murder. Speaking about the lengthy scenes, Anna Maxwell Martin, who plays Patricia, told BBC Radio 2: "It is quite hard. I sort of became hysterical throughout the whole process, giggling hysterically. Because I was internally freaking out the whole time. It’s quite full-on all that whole stuff. But that’s the good thing of being part of the show, it’s a proper challenge."

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Stephen missed out on an interrogation scene

The final episode of season five saw Ted temporarily exonerated of his crimes after it was revealed that it was actually Gill Biggeloe who was behind framing him. However, the series left the question open as to who the real 'H' was as the team discovers that there were actually four culprits behind the network of corrupt officers.

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