Emmerdale spoilers: Maya FINALLY arrested – but David does something he regrets

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Emmerdale fans have been gripped by the controversial grooming storyline, which has seen manipulative schoolteacher Maya take advantage of teenager Jacob over the past few months. And following a dramatic showdown with Jacob's mum Leyla during the special Big Night Out week, Maya has been on the run with the schoolboy. With Jacob's dad David desperate to get his son back home, next week he will go to great lengths to ensure that Maya pays the price of the law, but it means sacrificing his relationship with Jacob to do so. Elsewhere, viewers will be in for an emotional watch as Lisa and Zak Dingle tie the knot following their return to the village. And with Lisa's terminal illness secret out – there won't be a dry eye in the church, or at home, when they do.


Will Maya finally face the consequences of her actions?

Maya gets arrested following David's clever thinking

David persuades an uneasy Ryan to install spy software onto Jacob's laptop in a desperate attempt to monitor his communication with Maya. Later that day, Jacob goes around to Leyla's to revise, and when she's out of site, he searches the house for Maya's passport and money so that they can run away together. Messaging Maya to tell her the good news, Jacob is unaware that he is being monitored. Arranging to meet the following day, Maya waits for the teenager, but is shocked to discover David in his place – who is ready to confront her. After a showdown, Maya offers to leave the village and Jacob for good if David lets her go, but her pleas are ignored as the police cars approach – just as Jacob arrives. Jacob is heartbroken to see Maya taken away, leaving David to question whether he has made the right decision.

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Termilly ill Lisa marries the love of her life 

Lisa and Zak get married

Harriet offers to marry Lisa and Zak in two days time, and the family all rally together to organise the special day. The wedding doesn't go to plan when on the big day, the family leave the house to find out that the pigs have escaped. Cain tries to help gather the pigs but falls flat in the mud. Meanwhile, at the church, Zak nervously waits for his bride, and is shocked when she arrives covered in mud fresh from chasing the pigs, causing everyone to find the funny side on an otherwise emotional day.


Jai isn't happy with Megan

Jai makes decision about Eliza's future

After finding out that Megan was responsible for Pollard's accident from Faith, Jai is furious and goes to confront her, telling her that he will be keeping Eliza. But just how will she react? Meanwhile, Megan – unable to keep in her guilt – confesses to the police and Pollard about what she did. Will she be forgiven? And will she live to regret telling the truth?

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Emmerdale in 60 seconds 

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