Emmerdale star reveals major new info regarding Maya and Jacob's grooming story

Actress Amy Walsh opened up about the aftermath

Hanna Fillingham

Emmerdale fans have been anticipating Maya Stepney's fall from grace after finding it difficult to watch the schoolteacher groom teenager Jacob Gallagher over the past few months. And while we know that she will be caught out by one of her friends during the soap's upcoming Big Night Out episodes, there are still many questions that need to be answered, including whether or not she will continue her relationship with Jacob. Actress Amy Walsh – who plays Jacob's former stepmum, Tracy Metcalfe, in the ITV soap, has spoken out about her character will react, and that she isn't sure that Maya will stop her abuse.


Emmerdale's Maya is going to be found out by her friends

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She told Digital Spy: "Maya is caught with Jacob by one of the girls and news travels fast. Initially they don't believe as a group what's been seen is the truth – not that one of us is lying, but that there must be some explanation. As soon as they realise what's happening, they want to get Maya on her own and hear the truth. It gets a bit crazy and I can't say too much more."

She continued: "It comes as a shock for Tracy, because she considers Jacob as a stepson. She's very protective of him, she really loves him and he's been good to her in the past." But on whether she thinks it will now stop, she said: "I hope this means the abuse will stop. I don't know the outcome to this story yet, but I hope it does."


Tracy and David Metcalfe share a kiss - and then it all kicks off

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From next week's spoilers, we know that Tracy will also be caught kissing ex-husband David during a drunken moment. David is set to propose to Maya, who turns him down, resulting in David finding comfort in David. However, the pair are unaware that Maya has seen them. While we don't know the aftermath, fans on Twitter have been speculating that Maya may even be murdered. This theory was made in light of the sinister new Emmerdale trailer, in which Maya is seen covered in blood. And if the trailer is anything to go by, it could be Jacob's own mum, Leyla Hardling, who does the deed. The actress is seen in front of the mirror exploding with rage and smashing it up – just what has she done?

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