Jamie Oliver's wife Jools reveals her worries for teenage daughter in touching tribute

This is something all parents can relate to!

Hanna Fillingham

Jamie Oliver and his wife Jools are the doting parents to five children, and their eldest two daughters are growing up so fast! This week, Daisy, 16, has been undertaking her GCSE exams, and ahead of her first test, Jools paid a touching tribute to her second-born as she expressed her worries for her ahead of the big milestone in her education. Taking to Instagram, Jools shared a photo of Daisy hard at work revising in the garden, and wrote: "Remembering this like it was yesterday... revising in the garden for my GCSE’s and just captured Daisy doing the same. I can feel all those familiar nerves flooding back, one more day to go till it all starts."


Jamie Oliver's daughter is taking her GCSE exams this week

The Little Bird designer continued: "Wishing you so much luck little D you have worked so hard we are so proud of you already. Good luck to everyone about to start the same it will be over before you know it xxx." Jools' followers were quick to relate to the photo, with one fellow parenting writing: "Good luck and good nerves – to all the parents too!" Another added: "My son has his SATs tomorrow. I get butterflies thinking about it!"


Jamie and Jools have five children

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While Jamie and Jools have previously said that they were not planning on expanding their brood, pregnancy rumours circulated on social media over the weekend after eagle-eyed fans spotted a crib in the background of a photo Jools had posted of their youngest son River. The photo was of River attempting to hide during a game of hide-and-seek, and while many of Jools' followers related to the challenges of playing the game with their own children, others were distracted by the crib. One person asked: "A crib???. Another lovely child expecting?. This one is so sweet." While another observed, "I see a crib?" and a third added: "Moses basket in corner???? Are you pregnant again xxx."

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Jamie's little boy River steals the show in sweet family video

Jamie and Jools try to keep their children out of the public eye in order for them to have a normal childhood, but occasionally share sweet photos of them on social media. During the week, Jools looks after the children while Jamie is away working, a set up the famous chef has previously spoken about to HELLO!. He said: "Since Poppy was born, I just have to start at five, finish at 10 at night, Monday to Friday. have my structured holidays, my structured weekends, and I try to be a good boss and a good dad."

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Jools meanwhile, has confessed that she believes that her job at home is "ten times harder" than Jamie's. Speaking on the Made by Mammas podcast, presented by TV star Zoe Hardman and PR Executive Georgia Dayton, Jools, who is also a successful clothing designer, described her role as "brain numbing" and "hell on earth" while also revealing that sometimes she feels no one respects her in the household. "There's lots of stuff going on with me. I feel like my life is ten times more difficult, which I often tell him [Jamie]," the 44-year-old said. "He's like, 'Whatever', he's just been to see the Prime Minister – but I've had an issue with a bra or something with a daughter and I think, 'Well you know what, mine's worse than yours'. It's brain numbing, it's difficult. And no one really respects you in the house to be fair…"

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