Emmerdale spoilers: Eric Pollard to die in shock car crash?

Your weekly spoilers from Monday 29 April to Friday 3 May

Hanna Fillingham

Emmerdale fans are in for a treat with the aftermath of the big night out storyline, which will slowly piece together over the next few weeks. And next week, another dramatic storyline will air when Megan Macey's actions send shockwaves across the village. Megan accidentally crashes into the back of a car while driving in a rush, and as a result she knocks over Eric Pollard. Elsewhere, Dawn makes a big decision after Will prepares to take his harassment to Harriet to the next level, while Nicola continues to campaign in the local election against Hilary and Harry.


Megan runs over Pollard

Megan runs over Pollard during car crash

Megan is running late and gets in the car with Eliza, sending Frank a text to assure him that she's on her way. However, as she's texting, she accidentally crashes into the back of a car, which knocks over Pollard. Megan looks on in horror at the scene she's causes, and is later shaken with guilt as she confides in Frank about what happened.

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Pollard fights for his life

Pollard's life hangs in the balance

Pollard feels upset after hearing from David that he's been neglecting Faith, and is determined to put things right. He heads over to the Woolpack, but in a distracted state he doesn't see a car coming and is knocked down as Megan crashes into the back of Jamie's car. Pollard is still desperate to see Faith as he is taken away in an ambulance. Later, Faith, Chas and David are all terrified when Pollard falls unconscious and is rushed into surgery – will he be okay?

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Will Dawn go through with Will's request?

Dawn makes a big decision

Will decides to take his harassment of Harriet to the next level, but Dawn is left torn, especially after Harriet arranges another meeting with the social services about Lucas to help her try and get him back. Will begins to question Dawn's loyalties when he spots them together, and he isn't convinced when Dawn assures him that she is using Dawn to get Lucas back. Dawn is then forced to make a big decision when Will asks her to prove her loyalty.

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