Emmerdale spoilers: Find out what happened to Maya, who Rhona kissed and who stabbed Ellis in flashback episodes

The most anticipated week of Emmerdale this year begins on Monday 6 May

Hanna Fillingham

Next Monday, it will have been nearly two weeks since Emmerdale's big night out episode aired, and viewers have been waiting for this week's series of flashback episodes with anticipation. We can guarantee that the episodes are well worth waiting for, with the outcomes to everyone's stories finally being revealed. We know that something terrible happened after Priya, Tracy and Leyla took Maya to the woods after finding out that she had been grooming Jacob. We also know that Victoria has been left traumatised, and that Ellis was stabbed. Rhona, meanwhile, was unfaithful to boyfriend Pete – but was the man in question just a stranger at the club, or someone closer to home?


Billy and Ellis are questioned by Marlon and Jessie

The person who stabbed Ellis is revealed

Billy opens up about the night out as he chats to Ellis and Aaron. In flashback scenes from the night out, Billy is seen searching for Ellis outside the club after the fire alarm is set off. Soon, viewers will discover just went on, and why Ellis woke up in hospital after being stabbed. In the present day, Billy worries that he's lost Ellis for good, while Jessie and Marlon want answers.

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Leyla tells Jacob what happened that night 

What happened to Maya and does she die?

Leyla tells Jacob exactly what happened after their night out, and flashback scenes go back to the moment the girls persuaded Maya to get a lift home with them outside the club. In the car, Maya is put under pressure as they question her relationship with Jacob, and escapes the car. The series of events that follow took a very dark turn, and we will finally find out Maya's fate. Back in the present day, David feels unsettled and struggles to cope.


We find out what went on in the woods

What happened to Victoria on the big night out?

Victoria opens up to Moira – who is concerned about her. As she starts talking, a flashback to the night out shows Victoria separated from her friends after the fire alarm went off at the club, and she goes outside to try and find Amy. However, Amy heads off home in a taxi with Kerry, Bernice and Rhona. As she sits alone next to the kebab van, something happens that changes her life forever. Back in the present day, Moira consoles Victoria and tries to help.

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Victoria opens up about what happened to her

Who did Rhona kiss?

Rhona kissed someone when the club closed, and we will find out who in the flashback. In present day, Rhona feels incredibly guilty, but can Pete forgive her?

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