EastEnders spoilers: aftermath of Dinah's death rocks Bailey and the Taylor family

Your weekly spoilers for Monday 20 May to Friday 24 May

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EastEnders fans are in for an emotional few days of viewing next week following the shock death of Dinah. It has already been revealed that Bailey's mum – who is suffering from MS – will take her own life in Thursday's episode, and her death has heartbreaking consequences for her daughter Bailey and the Taylor family – in particular Mick and Karen. Elsewhere, Kat is torn when she finds out that Kush is serious about going for joint custody of Arthur, while Mel plans to plot against Jack – but will she be found out? Also, Tiffany goes on a date with Keegan – but something stops their romance at the first hurdle.

Karen worries following Dinah's death

Monday 20 May – Karen admits prison fears

Following Dinahs' death, Karen is worried about going to prison and confides in Chantelle about it. he anniversary of Shakil's death causes Bex and Kush to reminisce at his grave, but Bex becomes embarrassed when she tells Kush she loves him – much to his dismay. Tiffany sees Keegan struggling with everything that's going on and offers her support. Lola, meanwhile is shocked to find Ewan at home with Lexi and Billy – he's come to take them home. Ewan then reveals that Ben had threatened his life and warns her that he's dangerous, but Billy and Lola are having none of it and demand Ewan leaves. When Lola confronts Ben about the accusations, his reaction confirms Lola fears and she warns him never to do that again. Later on, Lola drowns her sorrows at the E20 and after a call from a worried Mel, Billy checks on her and she confesses all about Ben's plan – he wants to bring down Phil.

The Taylors are devastated

Tuesday 21 May – Louise finds out about Bex's crush

Louise is surprised when Bex confides in her about her crush on Kush, while Keegan and Tiffany do their best to support Bailey – who is struggling with Dinah's death. Later on Tiffany and Keegan grow closer and they kiss. Meanwhile, Billy questions a hungover Lola about her comments about Ben, but she brushes them off, saying that she was just drunk. After Billy spills all to Phil About Ben's plan without revealing Lola's name, Ben arrives and insists it's not true – but Phil isn't convinced. Later, Ben plans to get rid of Billy once and for all with drastic measures. Kush tells Kat that he wants joint custody of Arthur, leaving her conflicted.

Billy is in danger

Thursday 23 May – Ben plans revenge on Billy

Ben overhears Phil telling Billy details of a job he needs help with and gives Ben details on Billy's whereabouts later on. As Billy makes the preparations, Honey asks him to fetch the children from school, and Ben is alarmed to hear that Will has gone on the job with Billy. With Ben's plan in full swing, Ben rushes to find Billy and Will – but just why are they in danger? And will Ben live to regret his decision? Elsewhere, Kat panics when she realises Kush is serious about going for joint custody of Arthur, and when he invites Stacey and Martin over to discuss it, Kate seeks Mo's help in bringing an early end to the night. Mel is asked by Jack to watch the children so he can go on a date with Denise, but she uses it to her advantage to help with her revenge plan. However, she is caught red-handed by Max. Tiffany and Keegan go on a date, while a heartbroken Bernadette tells her that Brooke has broken up with her.

Kat and Kush grow close

Friday 24 May – Tiffany goes behind Bernadette's back

Tiffany feels bad to see Bernadette so down about Brooke and goes behind her back to meet up with Brook to quiz her about why she dumped Bernadette. As Kush waits for Kat at The Vic, Bex plucks up the courage to apologise to him, while Kate surprises Kush and the rest of The Vic with a passionate kiss. Meanwhile, things grow awkward when Mel tries to cover her tracks with Max.

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