Lorraine Kelly shot in the leg with arrow on Coronation Street – see the hilarious fan reaction

Lorraine had a holiday from Hell with the Platt family!

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Lorraine Kelly made a one-off cameo appearance on Coronation Street on Monday night's episode, and fans were shocked when one of the show's beloved characters, Gail, accidentally shot the TV personality in the leg with an arrow! In the episode, the Platt family are on a holiday together where Gail, who is a huge fan of Lorraine, hopes to catch a glimpse of her after hearing she is in the same resort. However, after taking part in a little bit of archery, chaos strikes!


The Platt family had a tricky holiday

In the funny moment, Gail is distracted and lets her bow loose into a tent. Lorraine cries out in pain and limps out, shouting at a shocked Gail: "You daft wee woman, you could have killed me!" Fans found the brilliant scene simply hilarious, with one writing: "ROARING! Gail Platt just shot beloved TV character Lorraine Kelly in the leg! The Arya Stark of Weatherfield!" Another person added: "Gail. Platt. just. shot. Lorraine. Kelly. WITH AN ARROW. RIP." Corrie's official Twitter account also joked about the funny moment in the show, writing: "No Daytime TV Presenters were harmed in the making of this episode."

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The comic relief in Corrie will likely come to an end for the next few episodes, as it will finally be revealed who sabotaged the factory roof which led to Rana's death – Nick, Gary or Robert. There will be a one-off special on Friday in which Carla's mental health deteriorates after she stops taking her medicine, and begins to hallucinate Hayley, as Roy, Michelle, Johnny and Kate try to talk her down for the roof and call emergency services.

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