Coronation Street spoilers for May 27 – May 31: The identity of the roof top saboteur finally revealed

Find out everything you need to know about what's going down in Weatherfield

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Coronation Street's rooftop saboteur is finally revealed in next week's episodes - and we couldn't be more excited to find out the real culprit behind the shocking tragedy. Of course, plenty of drama happens in the meantime too. Find out everything you need to know about COrrie spoilers...

Monday May 27 part one

The Platt clan set off on holiday minus Leanne who refuses to go as she believes Nick is lying to her. Audrey, Gail, Nick, Sarah, Bethany, David, Shona, Max, Lily and Harry arrive at their holiday lodge. Gail is convinced Lorraine Kelly is staying at the holiday park and cajoles Sarah and Bethany to chase Lorraine in a pedalo. Will Gail get to meet her idol?

Meanwhile, Natalie arrives at the holiday park with some worrying news for David and Nick Shona is less than impressed when she sees David in close conversation with Natalie and tells David the engagement is off. Meanwhile Gail thinks Natalie’s tattoo looks familiar. Meanwhile, Gary is shocked to find his passport in an envelope and even more so when Leanne reveals they broke in and retrieved it. When Audrey rings asking him to join them on the holiday he is all too keen to get away.

Carla's mental health practitioner, Scott, calls at the flat. He’s concerned to see that she’s still suffering from paranoia. As Scott and Peter discuss her condition, Carla listens in a state of high anxiety. Michelle visits Carla and is shocked at the state of her. Peter breaks down and Michelle holds him. Elsewhere, Sally, Jenny, Sinead and Yasmeen excitedly take ownership of a beautiful racehorse. After a celebratory drink, the women head outside to admire their new horse only to find it’s been replaced by an old nag. Sally realises they’ve been had.

Monday May 27 part two

Gail googles Natalie’s profile and zooms in on the tattoo. She tells Nick that she recognises it as the same one on the cctv footage of the girl who stole Audrey’s money and she has called the police. Is the truth about to come out? Nick’s horrified and sets off in search of David. David finds Audrey sitting by the lake and plucks up the courage to tell her the truth. Nick hurries over to Audrey and David just as David drops the bombshell that Nick stole her money and he helped him spend it. How will Audrey react?

A dazed Gary wakes up in Rick’s office tied to a radiator. Rick accuses Gary of getting Sarah to do his dirty work by breaking into his office and stealing his stash of passports. Gary denies it but Rick’s disbelieving. Meanwhile Sarah assumes Gary has decided not to come and join them on the holiday after all.

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Having taken a call from the stables telling her that she needs to collect her horse as the previous owner is six months behind on his stabling fees, Sally’s at her wit’s end. Tim orders Sally to concentrate on their dinner party preparations while he pays the stables a visit and sorts out the horse problem. As Sally puts the finishing touches to her dinner table, she’s horrified to see a horse in the back garden.

Wednesday May 29

A stunned Audrey takes in the news, as David and Nick try to explain will she see it in her heart to forgive her Grandsons? Meanwhile, DS Beckett calls round to question Carla. But on mention of the factory roof, Carla becomes confused and upset and it’s clear she thinks Rana’s still alive. Peter gives Carla her medication but unbeknown to him, she flushes it away.

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Rick makes it clear he is going to kill Gary prompting Sharon to leave. When Rick is called away to deal with a client Gary leaves a message on Sarah’s phone warning her that Rick is after her. Rick returns and unties Gary and prepares to kill him, is this the end? Elsewhere, the identity of the factory roof saboteur is revealed. Her dinner party underway, Sally passes round the canapes. Paula, Jacqui and Julian admire Sally’s house and her eye for interior design. Sally preens. As Sally and her guests sit down to jugged hare, they’re interrupted by Yasmeen and Geoff demanding to know why there’s a horse in their back garden. At Jacqui and Julian’s insistence, Sally leads her guests out to the garden to see her horse. They’re taken aback to realise Heracles is just an old nag.

Thursday May 30

The Platts return to Weatherfield with some explaining to do. Nick tells Leanne that he stole the money because David forced him too. Will she believe him? Nick offers David a deal; that he takes the rap for the £80k and in return he’ll sign over his half of the barber’s shop. David’s stunned.

Johnny and Kate are shocked by the state Carla is in. Kate tells Peter that it’s clear Carla’s medication isn’t working and he needs to accept that he’s bitten off more than he can chew. Peter finds Carla in a confused state having flooded the bathroom. As Ken comforts his exhausted son, Carla rummages through her collection of stolen phones and stuffs a toothbrush and toothpaste into her bag.

Tim heads to the garden with the horse’s breakfast only to discover him missing. Sally’s shocked as she surveys the trampled flower beds and flattened fences. Sally’s horrified to find Heracles in the conservatory munching on a cushion. Having renamed the horse ‘Tiny’, Tim and Sally see him off as he’s driven back to the stables.

Friday May 31

This heartbreaking installment of Coronation Street will follow Carla as she suffers a severe psychotic episode with elements of the episode from Carla’s POV. Having not taken her medication she is consumed with paranoia she is convinced everyone is out to get her and is desperate to escape the flat. Gary finds her in the ginnel and she drops her bag revealing a stash of mobile phones including Sarah’s.

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Carla sees a woman in a red coat and convinced it is Hayley she follows her. Having realised to their horror that Carla is missing, Peter, Roy, Johnny, Michelle and Kate frantically phone the emergency services. Carla spots the woman going up the Victoria Street fire escape steps and follows her. Intent on rescuing her, Peter follows her up. Carla stops and clearly hallucinating, talks first to Hayley, then Rana and finally Aidan. Peter listens, heartbroken. Will he be able to rescue the woman he loves?