EastEnders spoilers: Sharon Mitchell discovers she's pregnant – but who's the dad?

Your weekly spoilers from Monday 10 June to Friday 14 June

Hanna Fillingham

EastEnders is known for its shock twists, and there is certainly a big one next week in next week's episodes, when Sharon Mitchell discovers that she's pregnant. Sharon doesn't cope well with the situation and half way through the week she breaks down about the news. To make matters worse, it isn't clear whether the baby's father is Phil Mitchell or Keanu Taylor – who has recently been revealed to be the father of Louise Mitchell's unborn child. And because this is soap land, there are sure to be plenty of twists and turns in the storyline over the next few months.

Monday 10 June – Sharon discovers she's pregnant

Phil arranges a job for Keanu so that he is out of Walford, still not able to come to terms with Louise's pregnancy. Sharon fears for Keanu's safety, while Louise is confused by her feelings for him. The pregnant teenager opens up to Bex, who urges her to tell Keanu how she feels. Sharon, meanwhile, admits to Keanu that she doesn't want him to leave, but she doesn't get the response she was hoping for. Louise later breaks down in tears, and Sharon finds her – persuading her to find Keanu and sort things out. Louise is stunned to hear from Keanu that he still loves her and wanted their baby, and when Louise admits to him that she's still pregnant, the pair share a tearful embrace. Sharon, on the other side of the Square, is horrified when she finds out that she's pregnant. Elsewhere, Mick and Shirley aren't impressed by Tina's suggestion that they dress up for the Spice Girls concert, while Callum proposes to Whitney. Meanwhile, Mitch is worried about Bailey's birthday the following day, while Kush is stunned to see missed calls from Nita on Robbie's phone - leading to Robbie to admit that Sami is meant to be on his way back to India - swearing Kush to secrecy.


Louise and Keanu get back together

Tuesday 11 June – Bailey celebrates her birthday without her mum

At the Taylor's, everyone celebrates Bailey's birthday, but when they see Dinah's card, Karen quickly intervenes to avoid any upset. Bailey later asks Keegan to read Dinah's card to her, but when he struggles, she bravely takes over. Meanwhile, Linda is anxious when Mick goes to Ollie's appointment and as they talk to the doctor, Mick realises Linda has lied to him and is shocked at the Doctor's revelation. Elsewhere, Kush is worried about Robbie keeping Sami from his mum, and Phil surprises Louise with flower as she and Keanu plan for their baby with Sharon looking on – forced to him her own fears. At The Arches, Phil gently warns Keanu to treat Louise properly. Later, at a family therapy session, Sharon breaks down – unable to cope with the recent discovery.


Dinah's emotional funeral

Thursday 13 June – Dinah's funeral takes place

It's the day of Dinah's funeral and everyone struggles to know how to support Bailey. As the service get underway, the family are shocked when Bailey says she wants to say a few words, but as she struggles, they all come together to give her the support she needs. Elsewhere, Mick is reeling from the doctor's feedback about Ollie, and despite Linda's explanation, he gives her a hard time.


Sharon struggles with her news

Friday 14 June – Sharon looks into getting a termination

Sharon is on edge and is having to clear up after Louise, but seeing her frustration, Phil offers to help out and cook a family dinner. Sharon goes online to search for a termination clinic, but is interrupted by Keanu who checks there's no awkwardness between them, with Sharon quick to cover. Later, Phil sees the website and assuming Louise has changed her mind, he wants answers. Elsewhere, Sonia and Kush are at a loss at what to do with Robbie, but they're stopped in their tracks when Sonia gets a call from Nita – she's back. Things go from bad to worse when Robbie locks him and Sami in Kush's flat and as things escalate, Nita is adamant she's calling the police.

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