Emmerdale spoilers: Kyle faces life-or-death situation – will he survive?

Your weekly spoilers for Tuesday 17 June to Friday 21 June 19

Hanna Fillingham

Emmerdale's Kyle Dingle will be left in serious danger next week after he wonders off on his own while out with Amy. The little boy finds himself trapped in the garage which is full of smoke, but will he be rescued in time? And will Amy ever be allowed to see her son again? Elsewhere, Maya faces up to her court hearing, and has an ulterior motive when she calls for Jacob to come and find her. Also in the soap, Kim will have a trick up her sleeve to get her own way with Pete, while Megan worries about her upcoming sentencing and fears for prison.


Kyle is trapped in the garage

Kyle faces danger under the care of Amy

Amy and Nate meet at the playground, where Amy has taken Kyle. However, as they get chatting, Amy turns around to discover that her son has gone missing, leaving the pair to search for him. Meanwhile, Dan's called away from the garage and with his back turned, Kyle sneaks in and without realising, ends up putting himself in serious danger. Nate soon realises that Kyle is in the locked garage, which is now full of smoke, but Nate is unable to open the doors to get him out. Nate does his best to try and find something heavy to break open the garage doors, while a fearful Amy tells Moira that Kyle has gone missing. Will they be able to save him?


Will Victoria be able to forgive her brother?

Robert and Aaron land Victoria in more trouble

Robert and Aaron have more revenge plans up their sleeve for Lee, but are shocked when Victoria finds the posters they made accusing Lee of his attack on her. She is livid and so they got to remove the posters from a roadside, but there they spot an angry Lee removing some from the garage he works at. Later, when the police arrive, they are all surprised to hear that a complaint about the posters had been made against Victoria. This causes Victoria to react badly and tells Robert that she wants nothing more to do with him. Desperate to get her sister back, Robert takes Victoria to Jack's grave, where he reminds her that he's always there for her.


Maya continues to groom Jacob

Maya kisses Jacob ahead of her court hearing

David goes to a therapy session, where he blames himself for what happened with Jacob. Meanwhile, Jacob is thrown when he finds out from Eric that his dad has gone to see a therapist. David is still determined to fix things with his son, but is shut out, with Jacob still not wanting anything to do with him. Later on, Jacob discovers a live stream of some school girls confronting Maya, which is on Noah's phone. Jacob runs over to the scene to chase off the attackers, and while Maya initially tells him to stop, he ignores her and follows her to her car, where she then tells him to get in. The pair kiss and embrace as Maya finds comfort in Jacob. With her court case set for the following day, will it go her way?

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