Emmerdale spoilers: Maya is attacked, and David's family and friends turn against him

Your weekly spoilers for Monday 10 June to Friday 14 June

Hanna Fillingham

Maya Stepney is one of the least popular people in the village at the moment following her underage affair with Jacob Gallagher being exposed. And so with many people out to get her, PC Swirling has his work cut out next week in Emmerdale when the shamed schoolteacher falls victim to a violent attack. In the wake of the incident, the police officer is determined to find out who is to blame, and fingers start to point towards David Metcalfe. Jacob is horrified to hear about the incident and is even more devastated to realise that his dad might have even been involved. But after heated words at the hospital, David's temper rises and everyone ends up turning against him – with huge consequences. Elsewhere, Ellis has a panic attack after spotting someone who looks like Max, while Robert and Aaron are determined to get revenge on Lee.


David and Maya argue in the hospital after her attack

David's family and friends turn against him

David is shocked when PC Swirling questions him about Maya's attack, and when Jacob finds out about the incident, he immediately suspects that David's responsible. Later, when David goes to the hospital to confront Maya, they exchange angry words – just as PC Swirling arrives. Maya goes on to reveal who attacked her, and while David is in the clear, things don't get any better for him when Jacob reveals something that sees David's friends and family turn their backs on him. David feels alone, but goes on to do something that only makes matters a lot worse.


What is Ellis going to do?

Ellis in danger after suffering panic attacks

When Ellis spots someone who looks like Max, he has a panic attack. He is found by Aaron who tries to comfort him, but Ellis is terrified and runs off. Aaron then goes on to tell Billy what happened to his brother, which results in him phoning Max to tell him to stay away from his family. Max doesn't take this well, and instead threatens Ellis – causing him to have another panic attack. Billy is alarmed when he finds out that Max is looking for him, and back home, a terrified Ellis hears the door banging – and picks up a rolling pin for self defence…


Lee offers to take Robert and Aaron on a test ride at his garage

Robert and Aaron go to find Lee

Robert tells Aaron that he wants to go and find Lee, and Aaron agrees to go with him. The pair believe that they will be able to get him to confess abusing Victoria, but their plan doesn’t go as expected – leaving them in possible danger.

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