EastEnders spoilers: Keanu tells Louise about his affair with Sharon?

Your weekly spoilers from Monday 17 June to Friday 21 June

Hanna Fillingham

EastEnders has an explosive week ahead, with many of the residents revisiting their past mistakes with plenty of regret. Keanu Taylor finds out that Sharon Mitchell is expecting a baby, and can't help but worry that the child is his. Keanu goes to drastic measures to try and put everything right – but will it just make it all worse? On the other side of the Square, meanwhile, Bobby Beale returns home following his three-year stint in prison. Bobby struggles to fit back into his old life, and is further troubled when Max Branning spots him and chases him down the street to confront him.

Monday 17 June – Sharon wants her pregnancy to stay a secret

Phil feels guilty after telling the entire family about Sharon's pregnancy despite her wishes for it to be a secret. The news soon spreads further around the Square when Linda overhears Ben and Lola discussing the pregnancy, and rushes to congratulate her best friend. However, Sharon denies the news, causing Linda to get Mick on board. Later, Mick encourages Phil to reveal the pregnancy during a game of darts. Louise, meanwhile, struggles to keep the secret and ends up telling a stunned Keanu. Elsewhere, Bobby Beale struggles to settle back into his life in Walford, and Lola admits that she's worried about living with him. Kathy worries about everyone's reaction to Bobby's return, and asks Ben to stay inside with him to keep an eye on him.


Will Louise find out about Keanu and Sharon's affair?

Tuesday 18 June – Keanu wants to tell Louise about his affair

Keanu struggles to take in Sharon's pregnancy news and confronts her. However, Sharon insists the baby is Phil's, but despite her reassurance, Keanu insists on telling Louise about the affair. Will Sharon be able to stop him in time? Keegan is on Tiffany's mind, and not wanting to feel guilty anymore, she suggests to Bernadette that she starts online dating. However, Bernadette is quick to shrug off the idea. Kathy is concerned, meanwhile, as Bobby continues to act distant with everyone, while Linda turns to Karen for advice about Ollie. However, Karen has other things on her mind and inadvertently upsets Linda.


Bobby is confronted by Max

Thursday 20 June – Bobby is shaken after being chased by Max

Bobby keeps seeing reminders of Lucy at home and keeps a low profile as he heads out towards Bridge Street. However, he is left shaken after a group of boys steal his cap – causing Max to recognise him. Max chases Bobby back home and smashes down the door. Elsewhere, Tiffany supports Bernadette as she reveals she's got a match on a dating app with someone called Sophia, while Keanu is alarmed to find himself tied up in an empty warehouse after being kidnapped. Louise, meanwhile, prepares for her first scan but is upset when she can't get hold of Keanu.


Things turn sour between Keegan and Tiffany

Friday 21 June – Keegan and Tiffany argue

Keegan sees Tiffany distracted by a group of boys and storms off, leading to a huge argument between the two. Jack then spots a troubled Tiffany at the café – but will he be able to help? Ben, meanwhile, arrives home to find Max towering over a terrified Bobby and after Max leaves, Ben tries to support Bobby, but ends up upsetting him further. Max goes to confront Kathy for not telling him that Bobby was back, and later on, Ben finds Kathy crying as she shares her concerns over Bobby.

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