How Amber became our favourite Love Islander

Who is your favourite Love Island contestant?

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Cast your thoughts back to when we didn't know who Lucie, Anton and Amy were. Seems like a lifetime ago, right? In fact, the new series of Love Island has only been on for nine days now, and in that time we have fallen in and out of love with various contestants, but none have made quite the incredible rise into the hearts of the nation as much as Amber Gill.


Amber with Michael

In the first few episodes, the public's general reaction towards Amber wasn't particularly favourable, and to be fair, the islander started on a bit of a bad foot. After entering the villa and instantly dumping Sherif for Callum, she labelled her new match as "old", then rejected several other boys who tried to try it on with her after failing with their first choices, leaving her to declare that she was no one's second best. Even our online poll showed that Amber was the least favourite female contestant out of the bunch, with only 9% of the voters declaring her as their favourite.


Fans took to Twitter to discuss Amber

However, Amber's 'tell it like it is' attitude, sense of self-worth and uncanny knack of telling the other islanders exactly how and why they've messed up in their romantic couplings has given her a new level of respect among viewers. Following Wednesday night's episode, where Amber had a conversation with Anton explaining to him how he had offended Anna, and teased Michael over his date with one of the new girls, one person wrote: "I'm livingggg for Amber's character development #loveisland, really judged her too quickly." Another person wrote: "Lol Amber has no filter and I. AM. HERE. FOR. IT." A third person shared a gif of a shocked person, writing: "Me trying to figure out how I've come to stan Amber this much in the space of an episode and a half."


What do you think of the contestant?

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Fans of the show are also delighted by Amber's budding relationship with Michael. The pair had viewers in stitches on Wednesday after they explained to a clueless Anton why he had offended Anna, one person wrote: "Amber and Michael are actually my favourite couple and I’m seriously liking Amber so much these days," while another tweeted: "Amy and Curtis may be everyone's 'power couple', but I'm rooting for Michael and Amber - it just seems so much more genuine!"

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