Why EIGHT babies are joining the Coronation Street cast

We hope the show has a big budget for nappies!

Emmy Griffiths

The set of Coronation Street is about to get a whole lot noisier! Sam Aston, who plays Chesney on the show, has revealed that eight babies will be joining the cast to play his character's future quadruplets with Gemma. So why does there need to be eight? Chatting on This Morning, Sam explained: "Normally when you have a baby, just one, we have twins. So I imagine it would have to be double. It will have to be eight babies."


Sam opened up about the new tiny cast mates

The show should perhaps look for some advice from the set of Call the Midwife, where the cast and crew are unsurprisingly used to working with lots of babies! Producer Ann Tricklebank previously opened up about how they usually have around 60 to 70 babies on the set while filming each series, telling Radio Times: "Lots of eager parents contact us and say, 'We are having a baby, would you like it on the show?' But the reality is that we need our newborns at very specific times due to the filming schedule, and so we get most of our babies through a specialist talent agency. We use babies up to about eight weeks old, and sometimes we have special demands, for example with regard to ethnicity. Or perhaps if we're covering a premature birth, we will need a tiny baby."

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Gemma and Chesney are expecting quadruplets

Along with their new arrivals, which Sam admitted is "going to be tough" on the couple, he added that he thinks Gemma and Chesney's relationship will last the test of time. He said: "Chesney has had a couple of flings and things like that, but with Gemma, they seem to connect. I know they're very opposite and opposites attract. They are a bit chalk and cheese, but they do seem to work."

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