Holly Willoughby and Phillip Schofield SHOCKED at Patsy Palmer's REAL name revelation

And no, it's not Bianca! 

Emmy Griffiths

Holly Willoughby and Phillip Schofield were shocked to discover that Patsy Palmer's name is actually Julie while interviewing her on This Morning. The group were chatting about Patsy's new life after moving to Malibu, with the EastEnders star revealing she loves it because she can lead an anonymous life and actually use her real name - Julie Anne Harris. She explained: "My name's Julie really so I'm going to get back to calling myself my real name. Sometimes I say Patsy, sometimes I call myself Julie, I confuse myself!"

Patsy with her daughter Emilia

Phil and Holly exclaimed that they didn't know she had another name, with Holly saying: "I didn't know that!" whilst Phil remarked: "You'll always be Bianca to us!" The star, 47, also joked that she was often called 'Bianca' and had two surnames, leading Phil to exclaim: "How many names have you got!"

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Patsy also spoke about her life in Malibu, she continued: "I live right in nature, we're not in LA we're further along the coast. We're in Malibu. Malibu unfortunately a lot of it burned, a lot of my friends lost their homes, unfortunately we didn't. Living somewhere like that you realise how close you are to natural disaster." Patsy moved her family to Los Angeles in 2014 to experience living state-side. While her daughter Emilia attends Malibu High School and is friends with Cindy Crawford's supermodel daughter, Kaia Gerber, both her brothers are known names. Her oldest brother, Charley Palmer Rothwell, 26 is an actor and has appeared in films including Dunkirk and Darkest Hour, while her brother Fenton, 18, is also an aspiring model. During her This Morning interview, Patsy revealed that her eldest son has now moved to London, admitting that they lived in quite a remote spot on California.

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