Holly Willoughby delights fans with twin baby news live on This Morning

It's been a busy baby week at This Morning

Hanna Fillingham

Holly Willoughby adores babies, and is always the first to ask for a cuddle whenever a newborn appears on This Morning. And this week on the ITV daytime show, the mother-of-three has had the joy of announcing not just one, but three baby arrivals. Just days after revealing that the This Morning floor manager Alex and cameraman Steve had welcomed their first baby together, Holly told viewers on Thursday that the show's publicity manager Sarah had given birth to twin daughters. The star said: "We have had some very special news this morning. Just a few weeks ago, our publicity manager Sarah went off on maternity leave and we are very pleased to announce that she had given birth to twin girls."


Holly Willoughby and Phillip Schofield revealed their publicity manager Sarah had given birth to twins

Phillip Schofield continued: "Despite being six weeks early, both arrived safely on Tuesday. Ava Violet and Emily Ivy. Both mother and babies are doing well with a little extra hospital care." Sarah and her husband Chris then asked Holly and Phil to pass on their thanks to the staff at the hospital for taking such good care of them and their babies. "Sarah and her husband Chris wanted to pass on their thanks to all the staff on the neonatal ward at St Peter's Hospital in Chertsey for taking very good care of them," Holly said.

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A gorgeous picture of Sarah and her husband Chris' twin girls - Ava and Emily

Holly seems to have a special talent for predicting the gender of babies too. On Monday after announcing Alex and Steve's baby news, the mother-of-three revealed that she had even guessed rightly that they were having a son – who they called Max. "You were right in your prediction," Phillip confirmed, before Holly explained that she can correctly guess the gender of an unborn baby by the way an expectant mum holds her hands on her bump.

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"I have this way to predict what baby you are having and I am quite successful. If you hold your hand like this on your bump – where your hands bend," she explained. She continued: "If it goes in that’s a boy and if it goes out it’s a girl. It's as subtle as that." Phillip then confirmed that Holly is always right, adding: "I think you have had a 100% success rate."

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