Everything you need to know about George Clooney's new show Catch-22 

George Clooney is back on TV for the first time in ten years!

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Will you be tuning into the Catch-22? The Channel 4 adaptation, based on Joseph Heller's 1961 novel of the same time, will air on Thursday, and we have answered all of your burning questions about the new series, from plot synopsis to filming locations...

What is Catch-22 about?

Catch-22 follows a highly successful Air Force pilot who finds himself in an impossible situation; although the mentally unfit aren't allowed to fly, if you apply to be excused from missions due to your mental state, the rules state that since you were sane enough to apply, you are fit for missions. Confused? Hopefully George Clooney's character will explain! The original novel was an anti-war satire, so expect the adaptation to be somewhat tongue-in-cheek! Speaking about the show, director of programmes Ian Katz said: "It’s hard to imagine a work that speaks more directly to the frequently absurd times we live in, and to the growing sense of individual distrust of institutions, than Catch-22."


Who is in the cast of Catch-22?

Of course, the big name is George Clooney, who plays Scheisskopf and also acted as executive producer and director of two episodes of the six-part series. Incidentally, this is George's first TV role since playing Doug Ross in ER. Speaking about his role in the show, he said: "The character’s name translates in German as [expletive] head, so there wasn’t a whole lot of subtlety in what I got to do. But it’s fun because all I did was yell. There’s no great arc to my character, he just loves parades."


Meanwhile, Girls star Christopher Abbott plays the lead role of Yossarian, Hugh Laurie plays Major Coverley, and Colonel Cathcart is playing by Kyle Chandler. Speaking about his part at the premiere, Hugh explained: "I loved the book. For me, and I’m sure for many other people, it was a holy text in many ways, particularly if you read it young and you respond to Yossarian’s rebelliousness and his struggle for survival. It’s immensely appealing and powerful and it stays with you your entire life.


Where was Catch-22 filmed?

Catch-22 was filmed in the southern part of Italy, particularly Rome and Sardinia. Speaking about the setting for the historic novel adaptation, Sky Italia executive vice-president of programming Andrea Scrosati said: "We are very proud that a project like Catch-22 – a story that has shaped the mindsets of entire generations and still continues to thrill them – is filmed almost entirely in Italy."

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Indeed, it was while filming the show that George was involved in a nasty bike crash, escaping with minor injuries. Speaking about it for the first time on The Ellen DeGeneres Show, he explained: "I was on a motorcycle scooter but a big one and a guy turned in front of me and I hit him at about 70 mph. I got launched. I crushed his windshield in with my head and I went flying up in the air afterwards, it knocked me out of my shoes. I mean, it was a proper accident. I actually thought that was it. If you did it 100 times, 99 times I wouldn't be around for it. I used up all of my nine lives so my wife and I said, 'Okay, I'm off two wheels.'"

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Where can you watch Catch-22?

The show will premiere on Channel 4 on Thursday 20 June at 9pm. If you miss it, you can always catch up later with Channel 4 on demand.