Will there be a Years and Years season 2? Russell T Davies reveals if we'll ever get answers after THAT cliffhanger

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Russell T. Davies, the creator of Years and Years, has revealed if the show will ever return for a second series. The series one finale, which aired on Tuesday night, saw the show end on a cliffhanger when Edith uploaded her consciousness to the Cloud, unsure whether it would actually work while moments away from death. However, Russell has shut down any chance of their being a second season, especially since he doesn't want to answer the question of Edith's fate.

The show ended on a cliffhanger involving Edith

Speaking to Radio Times, he explained: "It always was a one-off. Even way back in production, it was never discussed in terms of a second series… The show goes 15 years in the future and that’s when cars and things would really start to change beyond all recognition. Life would be so different that we’d need a different budget for it – it would be a different and very expensive show. Years and Years has reached its limit. It’s just time to stop."

Russell ruled out a second series

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He added: "I will never answer that question [of if Edith's mind survives]. That’s the end. That’s the last episode. [Another series would mean] I’d have to decide the Edith question and I would never want to do that." Fans and critics alike praised the series' finale, with one person writing: "#YearsAndYears from the first episode to the last demonstrates not only the terrifying road Britain could be heading down, but also reminds us of the strength and responsibilities we have as a family, a community and as a world. Congratulations, this show is cinematic genius." Another person added: "'What will survive of us is love' I think that might be the best thing I've ever seen."

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