Lincolnshire Police have the BEST reaction to ITV's Wild Bill

Apparently the show is pretty inaccurate

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Although fans have been enjoying Wild Bill so far, there is one group of people that could be happier; the Lincolnshire Police! The police's official Twitter account tweeted about the new crime show, set in Lincolnshire, and pointed out to its followers (and potential criminals), that reality couldn't be more different from the show. They wrote: "Ever watched a police drama with someone who works for the police? We are ten minutes into #WildBill (new police drama set in #Boston)... and some of the inaccuracies are criminal... but we'll try our best not to point them all out!"

Wild Bill episode two will premiere on Wednesday night

They later added: "To any criminals out there watching #wildbill on @ITV... rest assured, we carry out meticulous scene examinations and we use your DNA to convict you." Adding a cheeky reference to Line of Duty, they tweeted: "Watching #wildbill on @ITV? Bear in mind it's a drama. IT'S NOT REAL. It's not really #Boston and definitely not what we are really like... but if you have concerns about the officers portrayed we can always pass them on to AC-12."

The show is set in Lincolnshire

Speaking about what his role in the Lincolnshire Police is really about, chief constable Bill Skelly told BBC: "Chasing people is definitely not what my role is about." He also joked about sharing the same name as the main character, 'Wild Bill', adding: "I suppose there are worse nicknames and being associated with a Hollywood star isn't all bad."

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The plot of Wild Bill follows an officer (Rob Lowe) who moves to Lincolnshire from Miami to start a new life with his teenage daughter. The official synopsis reads: "Landing in Boston, Lincolnshire with teenage daughter Kelsey, he's hoping they can flee their recent painful past. However, this unfamiliar, unimpressed community will force Bill to question everything about himself and leave him wondering if it's Boston that needs Bill, or Bill that needs Boston?"

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