Emmerdale spoilers: Village in shock as dead body discovered at the school

Your weekly spoilers from Monday 1 July to Friday 5 July

Hanna Fillingham

The residents of Emmerdale are known to keep secrets, and next week after human bones of a baby are uncovered at the school, it transpires that they could be linked to one of the villagers. Elsewhere, Zak struggles with what to do with Lisa's ashes, while Doug does his best to makes things up with Brendan after missing a date, but he ends up in A&E after hurting his back. Things aren't looking good for Victoria either, after Lee's mum Wendy turns up at the Woolpack, determined to know why she has been 'lying' about her son attacking her. Diane later lands her foot in it, making things ten times worse for Victoria.


Just who does the baby belong to?

The body of a dead baby is discovered

Human remains are discovered at the school and it soon becomes clear that the bones belong to a baby. Headteacher Jessie Dingle is shocked when she is told about the bones, and is forced to prepare for a police conference while criminal investigations are launched. The news soon spreads around the village, but one person in particular is uncomfortable about it. The police later present an image of the 16-year-old mother called Jenny Finn, who looks extremely familiar. But just who was the mum? And what tragic circumstances led to the baby being buried in the school?

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David goes to great lengths to speak to Jacob

Not wanting to give up on Maya, Jacob attempts to contact her in prison, but when the police alert David to this, he grows more concerned for the teenager. After trying again to build bridges with Jacob with no success, David decides to go to great lengths to get through to his son, by setting up an online gaming account and searching for Jacob's tag.


Victoria's luck gets even wose

Victoria is confronted by Lee's mum

Victoria is shocked when she is confronted by an angry Wendy – the mother of Lee. Wendy is convinced that Victoria has been lying about her son assaulting her, but is soon put in her place by Charity. However, the next day, Wendy and Lee turn up in the village again, and Lee accuses her of being behind the posters which resulted in him getting fired. After things get heavy handed between Victoria, Amy and Lee, Lee and Wendy force their way into Mill Cottage to carry on the confrontation. However, Victoria ends up falling over when she tries to run upstairs, and a concerned Diane lets slip that Victoria's pregnant – stunning Lee and Wendy. Has she just made it worse for Victoria?

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