Does new Love Islander Ovie Soko already have a girlfriend?

Is she telling the truth?

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We can't wait to meet the upcoming Love Island bombshells, but could there be drama before they even enter the villa and Casa Amor? A rumour has circulated on Twitter that new islander Ovie Soko, a pro basketball player, was in a relationship before joining the show. A girl claiming to be his girlfriend commented on a post about him entering the villa, writing: "His name [is] OVIE and my heart's broken, can everyone vote him out so he can come back." Others responded to the post, with one writing: "Can't believe he didn't tell you."


Does Ovie already have a girlfriend?

One fan shared a screenshot of the exchange, writing: "Does Ovie have a girlfriend?" with laughing crying emojis, while another person added: "So Ovie Soko has a girlfriend & she didn't know he was going in there." However, many fans of the show were cynical about the situation, as his 'girlfriend' didn't have any photos of him on social media. One person wrote: "Pictures or it never happened," while another added: I don't believe her. She needs to come with the receipts or she's just crushing on him like the rest of us."

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Meet the new Love Islander

The 28-year-old will be certain to turn a few heads when entering the villa, and he admitted that he might have a wandering eye when it comes to the ladies, explaining: "I'm not going to go in there and say I like a girl with the intention to turn away at the first opportunity but I'll be honest, if someone else comes in and there is a higher level of mental connection - which I think is what will do it for me - there is a possibility that I could have a wandering eye." He also revealed his definition of bro code, saying: "Bro code is if the guys have told you something in confidence and it could cause a rift, to you to keep it to yourself, you shouldn’t go spreading it, that’s not cool."

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