Charlie Frederick reacts to having two exes in the Love Island villa together


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Charlie Frederick has had an annoyed reaction to learning that not one but two of his ex-girlfriends are in the Love Island villa together. The reality show star, who appeared in the 2018 series of the show, took to Instagram Stories to express his irritation when Arabella appeared on the show on Thursday. He wrote: "Wow Love Island, you wanna have my [expletive] life anymore? Both of my exes in the [expletive] villa." He added: "I feel like I've been completely mugged off. I'm truly upset that Arabella has lied to me about what she was doing and claiming she had a [modelling] campaign but instead actually going into the Love Island villa."

Charlie posted about the situation on Instagram

He then eventually saw the funny side of things when Arabella and Lucie, who also dated Charlie, sharing a bed together. Sharing a screenshot of them, he wrote: "RAAA. Gotta laugh ain't you?" The girls instantly acknowledged that they had both dated the same guy when they met on Thursday, with Lucie saying: "I recognise you. You're my ex's ex. I've stalked you [on Instagram] before!" Arabella replied: "Well, I'm not an ex… There was definitely no crossover though!"

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Lucie and Arabella instantly clicked

Arabella instantly gelled with the other Love Island girls, and Lucie praised her, saying: "I think if Joe was here I'd have a bit of a meltdown… but she's just a lovely girl. She's just so stunning." Speaking about her relationship with Charlie when she entered the villa, Lucie said: "The last guy I was with was Charlie [Frederick] from last year's Love Island. We got together a few weeks after he came out of the villa."

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