Jane the Virgin's FINAL trailer is here: 5 questions we have for the show ahead of the finale 

We can't wait to see how it all finishes

After five seasons and plenty of laughs, tears and drama, Jane the Virgin is finally coming to an end. The telenovela-style Netflix show has been a huge hit with fans, who have plenty to look forward to during the season finale. They also have many, many questions for the season finale! Take a look at the issues that need to be wrapped up before the show finishes for good.

Will Michael and Charlie live happily ever after?

While we're glad that Jane finally chose a corner of the love triangle and decided on Raphael as her one true love, it means that poor Michael was left with no wife, no girlfriend, and for some reason working as a farm hand in Montana. While the penultimate episode of the show saw him get together with his next door neighbour/former enemy Charlie, we'd happily watch a spin-off show all about Michael's future without Jane. We'd at least like to see a glimpse of his and Charlie's wedding video!

Who is the narrator?

One of the show's biggest mysteries is the identity of the mysterious, funny narrator who comments on the drama, with viewers suggesting that it could be Jane telling her own story, her grandfather watching the action from heaven, or Jane and Raphael's son, Mateo, in the future. We personally think it might be the latter option (after all, we even saw Mateo begin to read the first lines of Jane's novel in season five), but who knows!

Will Rogelio's weird show become a smash hit?

Rogelio's main storyline for season five is all about his American telenovela, This is Mars. The whole premise for the show (and Rogelio's storyline) is all a bit silly and nuts, but we've gone too far not to see it become a success! We're going to hold out hope that the series becomes a smash hit, for our favourite TV dad's sake.

Will Jane and Raphael have more children?

Although Raphael has said he doesn't want any more children (to be fair, three is already a crowd), Jane definitely wants more than little Mateo and two twin stepdaughters. We have a sneaking suspicion that we'll be seeing the pair adopt in no time at all, especially since the narrator said one of them will change their mind - but how will it be resolved? The season finale will be on Netflix on Thursday 1 August, so we'll have to wait and see!

Will Petra finally sort things out with JR?

Sure, JR broke up with Petra, but Rasario Dawson was a guest star on the show and now that it's nearly over, what's the harm in letting them live happily ever after? Now that Petra has stopped moping over the love of her life, it'd be the perfect time for JR to win her back in a dramatic romantic gesture in the season finale. We're waiting!

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