Curtis told Amy he loved her in cut scene from Love Island

The scene was cut from the episode

Emmy Griffiths

Love Island's Amy Hart has revealed that Curtis actually told her he loved her while the pair were together in the villa, only for producers to cut the moment out of the final edit. Chatting on Loose Women about the moment, Amy explained: "Curtis said to me, and it hasn’t been shown, but he did say to me, 'I do see a future with you because otherwise I wouldn’t have planned to go on holiday with you'. And once, I was lying on the sundeck and he had to go off somewhere, and he gave me a kiss and went 'I love you lots'. And I went, 'Oh', and then he ran off to Michael and said, 'I've just told Amy I love her by accident'."


Amy opened up about the moment on Loose Women

Although Amy agreed with the fellow Loose Women panellists that it was clearly a slip of the tongue, she said: "Having dissected the relationship, I know that now. But at the time even he was like, 'Oh my God, I can’t believe I’ve just said that'." Her fellow islander, Chris, also revealed that he noticed that Jordan had started to have feelings for India during the show's behind-the-scenes meals, which are off-camera.

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Curtis eventually split from Amy

Chatting to HELLO! and other reporters, he admitted that he wasn't surprised when he realised Jordan liked India, explaining: "No because [viewers] see a finite amount of time… there were conversations between India and Jordan that you'll never see, there was a lot of flirtiness there. There's a lot of us eating lunch, us eating dinner. We're not allowed to talk about the show and we talk about whatever we want, but in those moments there's a lot of potential relationships, a lot of flirtiness goes on. So it didn't come out of nowhere, I had a feeling I knew what Jordan was going to do."

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