AJ Pritchard defends brother Curtis after he's branded a 'narcissist' by Love Island's Anna

Anna has since been booted off the show

AJ Pritchard has been a firm supporter of his brother Curtis during his journey in the Love Island villa so far. So when Anna branded him a "narcissist" during Wednesday's explosive episode, Strictly's AJ was quick to jump in and defend his sibling. The drama unfolded when Curtis tried to apologise to Anna, who was dumped from the villa last night, after he advised Jordan to explore his feelings for India, despite being in a relationship with Anna.

AJ has his brother's back

But after a screaming match with Jordan, Anna's attention soon turned to Curtis, who she slammed for advising Jordan to go behind her back. She told him: "I just don't know if you are a good person really, because good people don't move like that. A good person would never say to anybody to do that to their other half. Do you not care about me a little bit? I have been living with you for the past two months, you obviously don't care about me. You're a narcissist, that's my opinion of you."

AJ soon jumped to his brother's defence, taking to Twitter to suggest Anna doesn't understand the true meaning of narcissist. He said: "Does Anna know the Definition of / narcissistic /ˌnɑːsɪˈsɪstɪk/ Learn to pronounce adjective. Having or showing an excessive interest in or admiration of oneself and one's physical appearance. #loveisand @LoveIsland."

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Anna confronted Jordan in the villa

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Anna and her now ex-boyfriend Jordan and Harley Brash and Chris Taylor were all dumped from the villa on Wednesday after scoring the lowest public votes. Speaking to HELLO! after her eviction, Anna confirmed that she and Jordan were completely over. She said: "No way! For me, it was over the moment he took Curtis and said he liked another girl… I think Jordan's behaviour has been the worst in Love Island history… I had to be the victim of it, just my luck."

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