AJ Pritchard thinks his brother Curtis was a little too honest after dumping Amy on Love Island

AJ said he thought that Curtis was too honest

Emmy Griffiths

AJ Pritchard and his parents, Debi and Adrian, have weighed in on Curtis' behaviour on Love Island, after the dancing professional broke up with his 'half girlfriend', Amy. Chatting about how Curtis told Amy that he wanted to call their relationship off, AJ explained: "For me I think, Curtis is Curtis. He is so honest, sometimes a little bit too brutally honest the way he let her down."


The family approve of Maura!

Defending his brother, he continued: "But the thing is, he was on holiday getting sunburned, eating too much and everything is done for him so there was that holiday romance. Then when he went into Casa Amor it gave him the chance to act relaxed, give himself a bit more time to think and the opportunity actually was maybe, 'I'm not feeling the same amount of love for Amy that maybe Amy was.' He could've let her down a bit softer."

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Curtis called it quit with a smitten Amy

The Pritchard family revealed that Curtis had only been in one relationship before, with Debi explaining: "Curtis has only had one relationship, which was his dance partner. So they were both sort of innocent of the pain of relationships… I was so proud of him because he knew both on the inside and the outside his popularity would decline for showing that he wasn’t playing a game. It was real." They also revealed that they fully approved of the budding romance between him and Maura, with AJ saying: "I think she's great for him. That smile that we all love of Curtis' came back last night, definitely." Debi added: "I think we got to see a bit of the real Maura when she got very, very nervous around Curtis, which Molly Mae picked up on… Last night, I've never laughed so much."

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