Emmerdale spoilers: Victoria faces huge decision as Robert faces life in prison

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Hanna Fillingham

Emmerdale fans have known for a while that Robert Sugden is leaving the village, and next week he struggles after being told by his solicitor that he should plead guilty in court. But Victoria is unsure whether she can lie in court, already struggling with her conscience after twisting the truth to the police. Will Robert find a way around his ordeal and escape a life sentence? Or is there another twist in his exit storyline? One thing's for sure, we can't wait to find out… Elsewhere in the Dales, Leyla wonders what she's getting herself in for as she interviews Andrea for a job, while Tracy thinks that she has finally found some evidence to prove Frank's innocence. Also, David and Leyla both struggle to try and prevent Jacob from waiting for Maya.


Robert faces life in prison

Victoria is faced with a difficult decision

Robert is unconvinced as he reads over his case, despite Aaron trying to reassure him over his plea hearing. After meeting his solicitor, his fears come true as he is told he should plea guilty, but makes it very clear that he won't. Victoria, meanwhile, struggles with her conscience as she knows Robert didn't actually attack Lee in self defence. She later shocks Marlon after confessing that she lied to the police, and seeing his reaction she fears that her lies will make her no better than Lee. How will Robert take the news that Victoria has second thoughts?


Kerry finds out Moira and Nate's secret

Kerry catches Moira and Nate together

Kerry is worried following Amy's confession to Nate, and Amy realises that Kerry is probably right. Amy later misunderstands a conversation between Nate and Tracy and accuses Nate of betraying her trust – but he insists that he was actually covering for her. Amy feels guilty as he storms off. Soon, Kerry is approached by an upset Amy and comforts her over Nate, but she is determined to confront him herself. When she arrives at the farm to talk to Nate, she is shocked when she disovers him kissing Moira. Will Kerry confront Nate and Moira? And will SHE tell Amy the truth about what she's witnessed?

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