Emmerdale spoilers: Mandy Dingle returns to the village with a secret

Your weekly spoilers for Monday 9 September to Friday 13 September

Hanna Fillingham

The moment Emmerdale fans have been waiting for has finally come around, as on Monday night, Mandy Dingle is set to return to the village with her son Vinny. Mandy - played by Lisa Riley - made a brief appearance in the soap in January, leaving Paddy shocked after she revealed that his real dad was Bear Wolf. Since then, Bear and Paddy have been building a relationship, but will Mandy's return change this? It's been teased that the much-loved Dingle has a secret, and it won't be long before we all find out just what she is hiding. Elsewhere, Vanessa reaches out to Tracy on her birthday as she struggles to cope following Frank's death, and Jessie ends up kissing Al.

Mandy Dingle returns

Mandy makes her mark in the village as she returns to Emmerdale with her son Vinny. Things get off to a dramatic start when she walks in on Jessie and Al kissing, and she makes her opinions obvious. Paddy's ex-wife then catches up with the Dingles, but her and Vinny are clearly hiding something - just what could it be?


Al leans in to kiss Jessie 

Jessie and Marlon to split?

Jessie's week doesn't get off to a good start when she is left humiliated as the children run rings around her at the after school club. She is then surprised when Al tells her that he has found a head teacher's job in Dubai for her and has even arranged an interview. When Marlon arrives, Al realises Jessie hasn't told him about the job and relishes in 'accidentally' letting it slip. Marlon is less than impressed, and is later warned by Billy not to let Al have Jessie's ear. Later in the day, Al and Jessie reminisce about old times and he moves in for a kiss. Later, Al moves in for a second kiss, but they are horrified when the door bursts open - Mandy's back! What will Mandy do? And is this the end of Marlon and Jessie's relationship?


Vanessa tries to win Tracy back

Vanessa tries to make amends with Tracy

Tracy isn't in the mood to celebrate her birthday and is only interested in proving Frank's innocence. She is mortified to have got things so wrong about Dawn but later overhears a conversation between Dawn and Will and jumps to a new conclusion. She decides to lock Dawn in the church to make her confess - but will she regret her actions? Meanwhile, Vanessa tries to make amends with Tracy by preparing a birthday tea for her sister. She then intervenes when she sees Tracy with Dawn, and takes a heartbroken Tracy home. The next day, Tracy is bitter to see Vanessa arrive with Frank's ashes wanting nothing to do with them, but before long she tells Vanessa how betrayed she feels by Frank - will Vanessa be able to change her mind about their dad?

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