Emmerdale spoilers: Death of much-loved resident shocks the village

Your spoilers for Monday 14 September to Friday 20 September

Emmerdale fans are in for a treat next week. Not only has Mandy Dingle well and truly established herself back in the village – and causing lots of trouble in the process – but viewers will also be introduced to newcomer Danny, played by Denise Welch's son Louis Healy. There is also some sad news for the villagers when it's discovered that Rachel (played by Gemma Oaten) has passed away. With Jai left to look after their son Archie, he is desperate to get through to him and bond. Meanwhile, Belle is asked out on a date by Ellis, while Victoria meets Luke again, but is torn when she's asked whether she wants to know the baby's gender.

Rachel's death shocks Jai 

Rachel Breckle dies

Jai is shocked when Dan arrives in the village with his estranged son Archie, who tells him that Rachel has died. Although he is thrilled to see his little boy, Jai struggles to engage with him.

Charity is less than impressed when Sarah goes behind her back

Charity worries about Sarah

Sarah is trying to show off in front of her new friend Danny, but gets into trouble when Vanessa catches them hanging out together instead of doing school work. Sarah is mortified when Charity tells her off in front of him. Charity tells Sarah that she's grounded, but is left concerned for her when she hears Sarah's outlook on life. Later, Vanessa is determined to put things right between Sarah and Danny, and plans a surprise for the pair.

Mandy finds herself in more trouble

Mandy's money goes up in smoke

Mandy and Vinny are desperately searching for a bag at Butler's farm and are clearly up to no good when Chas finds out what's going on when she discovers the bag full of stolen money and casino chips. Chas and the rest of the Dingles are furious and take Mandy to task. Aaron then offers Mandy to change the chips, but an argument soon occurs when they meet at the scrapyard as Aaron questions Mandy's loyalties and reveals that he will be taking a cut as commission. Unhappy with Aaron's demands, Mandy kicks off, leading to Aaron 'accidentally' dropping all of the money in a burning barrel. But is there more to Aaron's actions than meet the eye? And just who did Mandy steal the money from?

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