Tess Daly forced to apologise after Strictly Come Dancing gaffe

Thankfully the technical issue on Strictly was soon resolved

Tess Daly was forced to apologise to Strictly Come Dancing viewers on Saturday night as many had experienced signal issues throughout this weekend's show. Fans took to Twitter to discuss the irritating situation, with one writing: "Interesting #Strictly issues tonight. Relieved to hear from a friend watching on a different platform that it's not just me. Must be either from the studio or a BBC One TX issue, then?" They added: "Kept blinking on an off as if my TV were switching itself on and off. Seems okay now." Another person added: "PLEASE #Strictly fix whatever tech issue you're having."

Tess apologised for the technical issues

Tess apologised for the technical problems, saying: "We do apologise to any viewers there who may have experienced any transmission issues. Very sorry, we are a live show." It was an interesting episode, as fans also noticed Tess run off-screen following Chris Ramsey and Karen Hauer's dance, with one person writing: "We've become distracted by Tess legging it after links now we've spotted it…" Another viewer wrote, "I've noticed this for years. I've no idea where she goes!" A third commented: "Omg it cannot be unseen now lol!"

Viewers were struggling with technical issues on Saturday

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Following an exciting two weeks of dances, James Cracknell was the first celebrity to be voted out of the show on Sunday along with his partner, Luba Mushtuk. Chatting about his time on the show after being voted out, he said: "Definitely enjoyed the last three days of the last week as I got to grips with the steps and started to enjoy it. I’m enjoying it anyway, the luxury of being with someone so good and learning off them. I'm a way better dancer than I was two weeks ago. Luba's been amazing with being so patient with a couple of left feet."

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