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8 questions we have for Dublin Murders episode three

Dublin Murder episode two airs on Monday night on BBC One

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Emmy Griffiths
Emmy GriffithsTV & Film Editor
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The Dublin Murders is BBC's creepiest new whodunnit, and if you were anything like us, you were instantly hooked to the unusual crime drama. In the show, two detectives have to investigate the death of a young teenage girl, who was found in the same woods where decades earlier, three children went missing – only for one to ever be found. Here are our biggest queries that we're hoping Monday night's episode will answer…

Why is Rob so distraught in the opening scene?

In most of the episode, Rob Reilly is a shrewd, likeable detective with a dry sense of humour who enjoys irritating his landlady and taking down suspects. But in the opening scene, you get a very different version of him. From the look of Rob and his partner, Cassie, it looks like some serious stuff has gone down since they started working on the case, and Rob seems devastated while giving an extremely worrying speech about how the murdered are the lucky ones, and the survivors are simply rejects. He says: "They're chosen. And the rest of us aren't lucky at all. Not blessed. Not watched over by some kind angel, the ones who get left – they're just too slow, too stupid, too muddy, too dull. The Gods don't want them. Their lumps, their rejects. We all are. Rejects."

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Cassie replies: "We won't see each other again," before leaving him alone in the evidence room, which is a stark contrast to their former friendship. So what on earth happened between the pair, and why is Rob so different? We need answers!

What happened to Jamie and Peter?

Rob, formerly known as Adam, was one of three children to go missing in the woods in Dublin back in the 1980s, and was the only one to be found. Jamie and Peter's whereabouts remain a mystery, with a young Rob either not knowing what happened to his friends, or being unable to speak of it. However, he was found he was covered in blood that didn't belong to him, with scratch marks in his clothing but no cuts, so he must have seen something, right? We have a feeling the series will tell us eventually, but we might have a while to find out.

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Why is Katy's family so weird?

When Rob and Cassie arrived to tell Katy's family that she had been murdered, it was obvious that this was one creepy family. The mum seemed half-present before having a meltdown, while the elder sister dressed as though she had stepped out of the 1970s and Katy's twin mysteriously screamed while maintaining eye contact with Rob. So what is their whole deal?

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Why is the motorway important?

The town where Katy went missing is very much against the upcoming construction of a motorway, which will go through the forest, and Katy's father was the head of the campaign to stop it from happening. Does this relate to Katy's death, and how?

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Who was the homeless guy and what was he painting?

Yet another mystery revealed itself when a young man, clearly homeless, told someone else that another murder had happened. The other man, who is dressed in a suit, is clearly horrified by the man who approached him, and threatens to hurt him unless he leaves him alone. How are these two involved? What do they know?

Why is Rob dreaming of a wolf?

In an odd scene, Rob is having a nightmare where he is in the woods and being watched by a wolf, which then climbs onto his bed, causing him to wake up, fall out of bed and hurt himself. So why on earth is he dreaming about a wolf? Has the new case brought up memories of when he went missing as a child? Did he simply have an encounter with a wolf when his friends went missing?

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Who killed Katy?

It seems odd that the whole point of the crime drama mystery would be just one of the questions we have for episode two, but then there is so many other things going on! But yes, of course we want to know who killed Katy, and whether her death was linked to the 80s disappearances. Will we find out in episode three?

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Dublin Murders continues on Monday night on BBC One at 9pm

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