Sam Heughan teases family 'torn apart' in Outlander season five

We're definitely worried for the Fraser family

Sam Heughan has revealed that the Fraser family will be torn apart in the new season of Outlander, and we're scared! Chatting at the New York Comic-Con, the actor opened up about what to expect from the new season, which will premiere in February 2020. He explained: "This season is… about family. And I think that this season is very much about the family being stronger together and being torn apart by all these different factors." Uh oh. The new trailer also appears to hint that the family ties become fraught, and Claire blames herself it happening. In the teaser, she can be heard saying: "It's my fault that you’re all here, fighting the dangers of the Carolina wilderness."

Sam opened up about season five

Catriona Balfe, who plays Claire, also opened up about the one thing she found "unfortunate" about the new season. "I think that [Native American storyline] was such a cool element to our show. It was so beautiful to be able to tell that time in American history. It’s unfortunate we don’t have as many elements of that this season, I think it was so rich and so beautiful, and it just added another element to the show that we didn’t have before. So that’s special for that reason." Sam agreed, adding: "Yeah the Native American side of it for me as well is just so fun to play and we have this fantastic cast that came over from Canada and really brought their own culture and their own life to it."

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One of the show's writers, Matthew B Roberts, has revealed that an early screening was held for season five, and "everyone in the room" cried at the episode shown. Taking to Twitter to discuss the audience's reaction to a certain episode of the upcoming new series, Matthew wrote: "Well I was screening an episode (not going to tell you which one so please don't ask) just the other day and everyone in the room cried multiple times throughout. Except me because I'm heartless."

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