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Fans convinced fan favourite character will die in Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker

We don't want this to be true! Not C3PO!

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Emmy Griffiths
Emmy GriffithsTV & Film Editor
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The final trailer for the last film in the Star Wars Skywalker saga, Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker, is finally here, and plenty of fans are convinced that the clip shows the iconic character C3PO sacrifice himself for the greater good. The character, who has been a constant presence in the film series since A New Hope was released in 1977, can be seen in the trailer explaining that he is taking "one last look at my friends" while attached to a bundle of wires, hinting that the droid was either being shut down or having his memories erased.

Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker | Final Trailer

Fans were less than impressed by the development, with one writing: "I swear if anyone lays hands on C3PO there will be hell to pay," while another added: " If C3PO dies I will immediately call the police." Others shared the theory that his memory was being wiped, with one tweeting: "C3PO IS SACRIFICING HIS MEMORY FOR THE RESISTANCE I WISH I COULD STOP CRYING," while another added: "I think this scene is C3PO getting his old memories back! Maybe we get to see a never before seen video of Anakin or something."


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However, not everyone shared the same devastation by the news, with one taciturnly tweeting: "I seriously hope C3PO dies in this one." Although the plot has remained tightly guarded, Daisy Ridley has opened up about what to expect from the final instalment of the saga, which will be released on 19 December in the UK. Speaking about fan theories, she told Esquire: "It does not bother me, people writing theories. It's really fun hearing them. Plus, because I know what's sort of going to happen, I think it'll be really interesting to see people's reaction to [the final film]. Obviously, there's this whole Reylo thing and some people are very passionate about it, some aren’t… J.J. does deal with [it]. It's a very complex issue. People talk about toxic relationships and whatever it is. It's no joke and I think I'’s dealt with really well because it’s not skimmed over."

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