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Is Dublin Murders actually a supernatural drama?

There are too many twins on Dublin Murders!

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Emmy Griffiths
Emmy GriffithsTV & Film Editor
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Dublin Murders episode four aired on Tuesday night, which saw Cassie come face to face with her murdered doppelganger. Instead of being her twin, as many viewers believed, it turns out that the Jane Doe actually stole Cassie's undercover alter ego's identity of Lexie. While the police attempt to find out who she really is, Cassie is determined to discover why she was murdered, and whether she was meant to be the real target in a case of mistaken identity. However, with the theme of twins prevalent throughout the series so far, could her presence in the series have a more supernatural element?

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While the show, thus far, has presented itself as a gritty crime drama, there have been plenty of instances that put pause on reality and take a more supernatural element. The mystery begins with Adam AKA Rob was discovered in the woods completely terrified, with scratches on his T-shirt and blood in his shoes, but without a mark on him and no memory of what happened to his two missing friends. The mother of Jamie accusing Adam of being a 'changeling', which according to folklore is a fairy child left in place of a human child that has been taken by fairies.

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The murdered twin Katy's sister, Jessica, is also described as a 'fetch', which according to Irish folklore is a "supernatural double". Creepy. That's not to mention that Cassie's identical twin suddenly appears out of thin air, with no suggestion as to her real identity, but who also happens to have the same name as a twin that Cassie invented for herself when she was a little girl to cope with her parent's sudden death. Sarah Phelps, who wrote the series, previously wrote about how the show does indeed give the forest a supernatural element, but it is more the human response to suspicion.

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Chatting about how the series was influenced by a real-life incident where a man suggested the fates would be disturbed if a particular tree was cut down, she said: "He won [his protest] because at some deep, metaphysical level every person involved [must have] woken up at 4am and thought 'What if he's right? What if you cut down that tree and all hell breaks loose?'"

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Fans have been perplexed by the show, with one joking: "To all those stuggling to keep up with #DublinMurders here is a thread that explains whats going on. 1/192." Another added: "Anyone else watching Dublin Murders and wondering what the hell is going on? Lexie and Cassie, whatt the actual? Still enjoying it though."

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