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Who is Lexie? 5 theories ahead of Dublin Murders episode four

Who on earth is Lexie?

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Emmy Griffiths
Emmy GriffithsTV & Film Editor
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Monday night's Dublin Murders saw Cassie come face to face with a woman who looks just like her… dead at a crime scene. Since the episode ended on a cliffhanger which left viewers scratching their heads, we have put together the most likely (and unlikely) theories about who on earth the 'other Cassie' is.

She is Cassie's twin sister

The most obvious answer is that the dead woman Cassie comes face to face with is actually her twin sister, Lexie, and Cassie simply stole her identity to go undercover before. This would make sense, since she previously baulks at the mentions of a leftover twin, and it's hinted by her former boss that 'Lexie' is still very much alive and applying for a passport. That being said, would Cassie really use her sister's identity to go undercover?

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The body is a fake made to look like Cassie

After going undercover and landing a crime boss in prison, Cassie is in the bad books of some very dangerous people who might even go after her for revenge. It might have even been that Cassie is now a target for someone and who knows, maybe someone has gone above and beyond to psyche her out? Maybe the body is wearing a mask, or is altogether fake? We admit that this is a stretch, but if Mission Impossible can do it, so can Dublin Murders!

She's a clone

Ah yes. Although the drama seems to have been a straightforward crime series so far, maybe there is a sci-fi element and that the body is a clone of Cassie? We admit that this is a huge stretch, but the show's screenwriter, Sarah Phelps, previously opened up about how the series was influenced by a real-life incident where a man suggested the fates would be disturbed if a particular tree was cut down, revealing that the series might have something of a supernatural element. She said: "He won [his protest] because at some deep, metaphysical level every person involved [must have] woken up at 4am and thought 'What if he's right? What if you cut down that tree and all hell breaks loose?'"

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She's an entirely random person

We might be wrong, but Cassie seemed genuinely shocked when she took a good look at the body, so it stands to reason that she didn't have a clue that there was someone out there who was her identical. Of course, this wouldn't explain how the woman was also called Lexie, just like Cassie's undercover alter ego. So many questions!

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The body is actually Cassie

Yep, we're going there. Cassie's a ghost, and she's actually seeing herself dead. This is going to be some sort of The Sixth Sense twist where it turns out that Rob was actually discussing the case with his new partner, her boyfriend Sam was flirting with someone else entirely, and so on. You saw it here first!

Dublin Murders continues on Tuesday night on BBC One at 9pm.