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Fans ask for answers after Dublin Murders' surprising finale – find out why

Did you enjoy the Dublin Murders season finale?

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Emmy Griffiths
Emmy GriffithsTV & Film Editor
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Over the last few weeks, we think that it is fair to say that the viewer reaction to BBC One's gritty crime drama Dublin Murders has been somewhat polarising, with some fans loving the new show while others found it all too confusing. However, viewers seemed to agree that Tuesday night's finale didn't nearly answer all of their questions, and plenty of people took to social media to discuss the episode.


Rosalind was revealed to be behind Katy's death

One person wrote: "Ok this is all well and good but who the [expletive] killed Peter and Jamie? What was all the 'he rises' [stuff]? Who the [expletive] is Lexie? What… was up with Rob's shoulder and the random wolf hallucination? And who is the father of Cassie's baby?!" Another person added: "Absolutely fuming. Raging. Wasted so many hours and went to bed with so many headaches. For what?? Nothing that's what."

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The truth about Cassie's doppelganger Lexie was one of the unsolved mysteries

While the season finale revealed that it was actually Rosalind who was behind her sister Katy's murder, convincing her boyfriend Damien to kill her, it didn't answer several of the other major plot points, including just what happened to Adam's friends Jamie and Peter in the 1980s. The series appeared to conclude that the children went missing thanks to the older teenagers' crimes in the woods that day, with Jonathan Devlin telling Rob that they "raised the darkness" thanks to what they had done.

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The series also didn't explain how Peter and Jamie disappeared

However, some viewers were quite happy with the ending, with one writing: "LOVED the last episode of #DublinMurders. So heartbreaking. The writing and the acting!! All those damaged people - Rob and Cassie and Rosalind - utterly convincing. Bravo @PhelpsieSarah and all involved." Another added: "I loved #DublinMurders. Really enjoyed it. Yep lots of unanswered questions but keeps you thinking."

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