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Fans are worried that major Dublin Murders mystery won't be explained in the finale

What happened to Peter and Jamie, for goodness sake?!

dublin murders 5
Emmy Griffiths
Emmy GriffithsTV & Film Editor
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There is just one episode left of Dublin Murders, which will air on Tuesday night, and it leaves just one question for the season finale to answer: what really happened to Rob AKA Adam all those years ago in the woods? Fans have taken to Twitter to discuss the one last mystery that needs to be addressed, and many have expressed their concerns that viewers won't receive any answers about the disappearance of Jamie and Peter at all.

dublin murders 5

What happened to Adam's friends?

The penultimate episode saw Rob work out that the architect who had discovered the body, Damien Donnelly, was behind Katy's death all along. After snacking on a chocolate biscuit from the architect's base, he remembered that Katy had eaten one just hours before her death. Entering Damien's home and finding cleaned up bloody handprints on the walls confirmed his theory: Damien did kill Katy. We'll have to find out if there is more to it than that in the finale!

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Jamie and Peter went missing in the 80s

However, the show still hasn't explained what happened to Rob when his friends went missing in the woods when they were children, and there doesn't seem to be any sign of his amnesia lifting at any point. Taking to Twitter to discuss gripping crime show, one person wrote: "If there’s not a satisfying explanation as to what happened to Adam in the woods, I’m never watching TV again," while another suggested that Rob was the one who murdered his friends, writing: "Finally a breakthrough #DublinMurders. Let's hope we find out what happened in 80s my money is actually on Adam/Rob now as he's now remembering how his friends treated him."

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Others discussed how they were looking forward to the conclusion due to the complicated plot, with one writing: "Amazing to think it’s the penultimate #DublinMurders tonight. Only seems like 73 weeks ago since the series started. Especially as I lost track of what’s going on since episode 3." Another added: "So in one last episode, i need to find out - what happened in the woods, who in God's name is Lexi, why does Rob have that weird shoulder thing, who is Cassie pregnant for, what is all that 'he rises' [stuff] and what's the deal with Rosalind in general like!"

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