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5 questions we have for His Dark Materials episode two

Find out everything you need to know for episode 2!

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Emmy Griffiths
Emmy GriffithsTV & Film Editor
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BBC One's long awaited series His Dark Materials finally premiered on Sunday night, and viewers had a lot to say about it, from overwhelmingly positive reactions to bemusement at the somewhat complicated plot. That being said, the fantasy drama certainly left us with many questions for episode two, which will air on Sunday 10 November. Here are our most burning queries for the next instalment…

Can we trust Mrs Coulter?

Lyra is certainly very taken by Mrs Coulter, a beautiful and fascinating Scholar who impresses Lyra with tales of her travels to the north, but can she really be trusted? Indeed, she has a beautiful golden monkey daemon instead of something that would make it clearer whether she was a goodie or a baddie like, you know, a snake, but we're still unsure. We'll have to find out whether she really intends to find Lyra's missing friend, Roger, or actually arranged his kidnap in the first place, in the next episode!

his dark materials coulter

Will Lyra manage to find Roger?

Just before the two best friends were meant to finally be travelling north on search of adventure, Roger mysteriously went missing, shortly after seeing the same creepy fox daemon that Billy saw before he disappeared. It doesn't take much to work out that Roger must have been taken by the 'Gobblers', the shadowy child snatchers that he and Lyra had been talking about that very morning, but will Lyra manage to track her friend down? As Lord Asriel said, she is tenacious!

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What are the Gobblers?

Aside from being described by Roger and the Gyptians are mysterious child snatchers, with Mrs Coulter confirming they do in fact exist, we don't know much about the Gobblers just yet. We don't think they can be kidnapping children for any old reason, so why do they want them? And why do they need so many?

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his dark materials asriel

Will the Gyptians find Billy?

Poor Billy went missing and launched a massive search party, and we feel like it anyone will track down the youngster, it is Ma Coulter and Farder Coram. At the end of the episode, the whole community decided to travel to London to find more information about the Gobblers and get their children back, and we imagine that Lyra could well be teaming up with them to help out.

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his dark materials ma

Why is Lyra so important?

As Roger said, Lyra is special. Indeed, Jordan College's Master was so concerned about her involvement in Lord Asriel's upcoming plans that he tried to poison Asriel to stop him from going to his expedition all together. But just why is she so important? We have seven more episodes to find out!


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